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Halloween Tradition


my stripe shirt + non-maternity  |  black pants + maternity here |  booties (similar)


my stripe shirt + non-maternity  |  black pants + maternity here |  booties (similar)  ||  Houston’s romper  ||  Hayden little booties

Happy Halloween!! So this year was the first year we didn’t do family themed costumes. (and we all survived) haha.  I was pretty bummed about it, but thought I’d let the little people go wild and see what they came up with on their own. Half of us ended up matching and as I couldn’t help but join in after Hayden picked our her sparkly cop costume and Joe of course joined Hudson in the Star Wars theme.

Every year for the past 5-6 years we have held a Halloween party at our house. It’s become something our little people look forward to and will not let us give up — it’now become a tradition. It’s gotten bigger every year with more residents that move into the area…It’s kinda sad this will be our last Halloween party ‘here’ as we will be moving next year, but we are excited for the new friends we hope to meet.

I like to keep it really simple and hold the party outside. (then you have a clean house afterward)  Everyone helps bring food + everything else that’s needed so it’s not stressful at all! We eat, let the little people run around, play the “donut on a string” game (which is always so fun to watch) and let the kids wrap each other up as mummies — with toilet paper. (they LOVE it) It’s been so fun to have a tradition of our own and I honestly look forward to it every year!! Really you should try it. It will be the least stressful party you ever throw!! Also, I have a rule that EVERYBODY has to dress up!! haha. Joe thought it was dumb at first but really it has made it that much more fun to see what the adults come up with!!

What are some of your favorite Halloween traditions?! I’d love to add at least one or two more to ours. Hope you all have a great Halloween!!!

xx – kails

kailee-wright_halloweenkailee-wright_halloween kailee-wright_halloweenkailee-wright-halloween-party

Here’s a few pics just off my phone…but I had to throw them in.

kailee-wright-halloween-party kailee-wright_halloween-2kailee-wright_halloween-2kailee-wright_halloween

photos: corissa ann

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