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6 Tips to Simplify Cleaning Out Your Closet

Kailee Wright kids closet organization

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Spring cleaning is in the air and you guys, I secretly LOVE it!!! There is just something about a clean + organized space that brings me so much JOY! Since this time of year is known for Spring Cleaning and getting everything refreshed in your home, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk all things CLOSETS!!! Do you dread cleaning out your closet or your kids closets? Well today I have 6 tips that will not only make it so much easier, but will make it last longer too! So whether you are tackling your kids closet or your own, check them out for some sanity savers!

Kailee Wright kids closet organization


First things first, take EVERYTHING out of the closet! Yes every single thing. I know it seems like such a pain, but I promise you it is the key to really doing a thorough cleaning and not having to do it all over again in a month. Seeing the big open clean space is also pretty motivating to not fill it all back up with unnecessary items.


Now that you have everything out, go through and pick out your absolute favorites first. Those jeans that fit you just right. The top that is so easy to dress up or down. Or if it is your kids closet, maybe it is that outfit you find yourself constantly dressing them in. Find everything you 100% know you wear often (like once a week) and put it back in the closet.

Kailee Wright kids closet organization


This is one of the trickier steps. You really have to put on your big girl pants for this and stick to your guns. For everything else you’ve taken out of the closet, I want you to analyze it. Ask yourself the Marie Kondo question, “does it bring me joy?”. When was the last time you wore it? Is it still in style? If its been a while since you’ve pulled it out, ditch it. “Fillers” that we tell ourselves to keep “just in case” are the biggest closet destroyers. If you haven’t worn it in the last month or so, chances are you probably won’t any time soon. Save the space for something you’ll love instead.


When you are finalizing your choices, keep “quality over quantity” in mind. Instead of keeping 10 pairs of jeans you kind of like, pick your favorites that are the best quality and will last for years instead. Pick the highest quality basic tops and layering pieces, instead of having 6 black tees. We are trying to simplify so quality, timeless pieces is what you are looking for.

Kailee Wright kids closet organization


Once you’ve cleaned and organized your closet and it is looking great, don’t forget the maintenance. A lot of people get in the mindset of “I just cleaned out a garbage bag worth of clothes, I need to go buy more.” Wrong!!! If you or your kids have sized out of something, then restock as needed. But always keep maintenance in mind. If you buy something new, take something old out. That will keep you from overloading the space again.


Last but not least is seasonally saves sanity when it comes to cleaning a closet. I know everyone gets all excited and motivated for Spring Cleaning, but a closet should be something you clean seasonally, especially for kids. By cleaning seasonally you know items they have grown out of, or are worn out and don’t need to hold a spot in the closet just to be thrown away later. It also gives you space and a fresh start to know what you do or do not need to shop for new that season.

Kailee Wright kids closet organization

I hope these little organizing tips and tricks help you tackle your closet with ease in this years spring cleaning! If you have some amazing spring cleaning hacks, I’d love to hear them!!

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  1. When i fiRst put clothes back in my closet from cleaning them out i hang all hangers backwards. When i wear something i hang it ip the right DIRECTION. At the end of the season anything still hanging backwards i get rid of it. I’m always surprised how many clothes still fit and are in fashion that i think i wear that i really dont wear…


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