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Family Favorite Boredom Busters

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Welcome to Day 1 of Quarantine Life!! I hope you are doing your best to find the positive in the craziness around us right now, and focus on what matters most, LOVING YOUR PEOPLE! Speaking of them, with the quarantine change most of us are living in right now, it can be kind of an adjustment having your kids home with you all day long. Finding the balance between a strict schedule and a free for all, and keeping everyone happy while you do it!! I decided it would be fun to put together a round up of some of our family favorite screen free boredom busters! I hope they help bring your house some much needed joy!


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Ok how fun does this look?! We ordered it over the weekend and cannot wait for it to get here!! If there is one thing I love it is open ended toys that really push my kids to use their imaginations, and can be played with in a variety of different ways! I am so excited to see what they come up with for this one!


These have been a family favorite for years!! They give your kids the joy and creativity of painting a masterpiece, but leave you with little clean up. Love them and they are so affordable!


This is another one we just ordered mostly for Hayden. I love that it comes in a kit to keeps things organized. It has colored beads as well as letters so they can write their name or maybe a motivational phrase like “Be Happy”. So fun!


These are another thing we have loved for years. The quality is amazing and they really just let your kids imagination go wild. Everyone from Harper to Hunter enjoy playing around with them, and they will last you for years and years so they are worth the investment. These blocks are another favorite!


Our family LOVES this game!! It is so simple and easy to learn so the younger kids catch on, but has a variety of versions you can play so it can still be competitive for the bigger kids and even Joe and I. It really gets your brain and reflex skills working which I love!!


I am all about toys + games that double as teaching methods. I just got this for Houston and he is loving spelling out different words on a cookie sheet with the magnets. We bought these printables for him to follow along with too.


Houston has a new obsession with puzzles so he has been all about those to keep him entertained. We love these big floor puzzles to switch things up, or all the varieties of the classic style.


You can never go wrong with kids and playdoh! Something fun to get the kids involved is to pick an object that everyone in the family has to make and see the fun varieties they come up with! You could even have a judge and prizes!


These are such a fun play on color by number for bigger kids. They have detailed drawings numbered out and then you place stickers on by color. Hayden is already loving it!


We love this tried and true classic. Something about having a giant roll of paper instead of your typical notebook or coloring book with markers makes it so much more fun. We love to roll this out outside or in the kitchen and just have a big coloring free for all. Some fun ideas I have seen is to draw out a city with roads and stores and then play with toy cars on them, or to trace your kids and let them decorate their faces and clothes.


If the weather is warm enough, take the drawing outside with sidewalk chalk! The same classic as paper and marker but they can switch it up and draw hopscotch or other fun games.



I am loving that my bigger kids are at the age that they are getting in to different card games that are fun for Joe and I too. We just ordered these two to add to our collection after great reviews from friends!


Hudson loves doing these and is actually pretty amazing at it. I love that this set comes with some different shapes to give him even more of a challenge.


Ok this looks like some kind of torture advice, but it is actually amazing for hand eye coordination. I promise your big kids will love it, especially if they are in to baseball or softball.


I secretly want to do this kit myself too because I think these are so cute! You can totally customize them to your style and preference which is my favorite thing about them.


Another fun one for the bigger kids to have as they doodle is this lettering how to book!


I don’t know about you guys but I think these string art designs are so awesome. I love that they are working on their coordination and fine motor skills and it something they can keep to display too.


I love getting in the kitchen with my kids to cook and bake!! Some of our favorite things to make are the Cake By Courtney cakes! We found this fun new recipe book for them to try out too!


Who doesn’t love this old classic game?! It brings out the crazy competitor in all of us!


This is a great way to get your kids outside and give them a challenge at the same time! So much fun!


Another fun book kind of like the sticker by number above is this scratch art book. They start out looking like nothing and turn into some awesome designs.


How fun does this look for your bigger kids?! Plus you could add magic show to your days schedule!

. . .

Here are a few more free online options we are loving or are excited to try!

:: Art For Kids Hub 

This is an AWESOME YouTube channel that teaches kids how to draw so many different things. The end results are amazing but he really teaches them in such a cool way that it is simple for them to catch on and so much fun!

:: Rad + Happy 

We LOVE our Rad + Happy Color Happy Subscription! It is only $5 and you can print the page as many times as you like. Each month comes with 3 pages, but she is adding a bunch of free extras to this months that starts today so sign up soon to snag that! I promise I love it just as much if not more than my kids! And you can gift it to people too via email! Such an awesome way to spread some sunshine without the physical contact.

. . .

I hope these ideas help spread some light and sunshine into your homes and bring lots of family fun!! We love you guys so much and are so glad you are part of this community!


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