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7 Things I’ve Learned this Year

Kailee Wright 36th birthday

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In honor of it being my birthday week, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of posts that help you get to know me a little better! I saw a friend recently share a list of things she has learned in her 30’s that really made me stop and think. I found myself nodding along agreeing with her on so many, and realizing how much I’ve grown as a person this last year. So I thought it would be fun to share 7 things I’ve learned this past year that have really changed me for the better.

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If you step back and think about your mindset, I think a lot of us live for the next best thing. The “I can’t wait until” frame of mind. Enjoy the stage you are in because before you know it, it will be gone. I know it is hard to do as a mom of littles, but I promise you, just like everyone tells you, you are going to miss those late night feedings with your baby, or teaching your toddler how to do something all by themselves. Quit living for the future and enjoy the amazing moment you get right now!


This one is SO hard for me, and still something I try to work on every single day. But you guys! We waste so so so much time worrying about what everyone else thinks of us, when honestly they are probably too busy doing the same thing themselves. You are never going to be in a place where every single person likes you, and that is ok! One of my favorite quotes that I remind my kids (and myself) of regularly is “You can be the ripest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who doesn’t like peaches”. If you know you are doing your best and being your best self, that is the only opinion that matters!

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Realizing this little nugget of truth has been one of the biggest game changers in my life this year. Being a busy mom, I always looked at taking time for myself as selfish. I had lots of little people that needed my attention, and leaving them for something that was just for me seemed out of the question. But then I tried it, just maybe an hour a week and noticed the biggest difference. You have to be able to have a balance and take care of you, so you have the strength to in turn take care of your people. Starting out, it might have to be taking that trip to the grocery store alone to give yourself a break. And as you get into different stages it may grow. For me it is my gym time. It is the perfect break for me to clear my head, work on me and have some me time, and then be back and refreshed for my babies.


One of the biggest changes I made in my life this year was a healthier lifestyle. It started out with taking the time to workout a few times a week. I instantly felt so much better both mentally and physically and knew I wanted to take it one step further. So I started making healthier choices with my eating. I didn’t go on a crazy diet or cut out all the things, because that is making it hard. My goal was to still be both healthy and happy. So I do what works for me and take it one meal at a time. I personally can’t live without treats, so I found a healthier way to have them. Taking care of ourselves and striving to be healthier doesn’t have to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done! I have never felt better and am so happy I pushed myself.

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To me this one almost gets harder the older you get. We as humans are so dang good at talking ourselves out of trying new things because they might be hard, or we might fail. But guess what?! You will never know until you TRY! A good example of this in my life was working out. For months I talked myself out of it. I didn’t have the time, I was too tired, there was no way I could wake up earlier. All of the things. But then I let myself TRY, and it has been exactly what I needed. I realized I really can wake up every day and push myself to workout. In fact, it is something I crave now. But if I didn’t get up the nerve to just try, I would’ve never known. Give yourself a chance. You are stronger and braver than you think you are!


This is another one that is a constant battle, and I think it always will be. With Instagram and Social Media constantly right in our face, it is SO easy to live in a constant comparison spiral. And as someone that has struggled with it, I’m here to tell you it is the worst. I have had to constantly teach myself and remind myself that most of the things people share about themselves and their lives are surface. They are the highlight reels. We don’t share the hard stuff because it isn’t pretty. So stop comparing yourself to them because there is only one you. Nobody else can be me and I need to own that. While I can sit here and compare myself to the more Pinterest mom that has it all together, I’m missing the fact that my little people want me, not someone else.

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This is the biggest “work in progress” for me of all the things here. Time is our biggest blessing and what we do with it is so important. A friend told me she keeps this quote in here main room as a constant reminder : “The bad news is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot”. There is nothing we can do about how fast time seems to fly by, but we have control over how we spend it. Don’t waste your time doing something that won’t matter tomorrow. Be PRESENT and in the moment you are actually in, like I mentioned before.

. . .

I hope these little realizations or things I’ve learned helped you to be a little more motivated, and to think of what matters most to you in your time of life. What are some of the things you’ve learned that have changed the way you look at and live your life?

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  1. I agree 100% with not being afraid tk try! This Is so true! I also leaRned this in my 30S and its been the best pushing myself and coming out great. Another greta post!


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