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Back to School Traditions

kailee wright Kipling Backpacks Back to School

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You guys?! How is Summer already ending?? I am not one bit ready for it. We are just trying so hard to soak in every last second of having the big kids home with us even if it means busy chaos! While my heart wants summer to last forever, I am still attempting to be a responsible mom and prep for Back to School. At our house, we try to make the Back to School checklist a little more exciting. We do that by adding in a few traditions we all love! So today I thought I’d share some of those with you!

kailee wright Kipling Backpacks Back to School


When it comes to Back to School shopping, I have found it is a lot easier if I try and tackle most of it myself. I can find pieces that are timeless, transitional, and versatile without too many distractions. And I can spread it out throughout the summer instead of taking one big monster trip.

While I tend to do most of the shopping myself, one of our very favorite Back to School Traditions is our one on one shopping dates. Each of the little people gets to plan a date, just the two of us. They pick where we go to eat and where we shop. They get to pick out one outfit they love that is totally their personality.

This year they were all SO EXCITED to get to pick out their Kipling Backpacks too! They have all been begging for turns to look through the website and try and narrow down their favorites. New backpacks are not a yearly thing for us, because it is something I make sure we really look for quality in, and that is what you get with Kipling.

I love that their bags are amazing quality, lightweight, super functional with lots of pockets for everything, and of course stylish. They honestly had something unique and different that fit each of my little people’s personalities perfectly, and they cannot wait to use them. Hunter went with a super cute olive (that I definitely want to steal) and Hayden went with a totally bright and happy option! They even have diaper bags for us parents too! I’m just as excited as them because I know they will last for years and not something we constantly have to replace. And bonus! Now through August 23 you can save 15% off Kipling backpacks with the code BACKPACK15!

Of course, we finish the date with a treat too! It has been so special  just to have that time talking with them one on one. They feel more open to talk about all the excitement they have for the upcoming school year and even worries too. It is something I really look forward to all year, and I know they do too!

kailee wright Kipling Backpacks Back to School


I would still consider this one a “work in progress” tradition, but something we all love! We started the tradition last year and it was a hit!  I love that you can make it as big or as simple as you want. So, if life is crazy, maybe your back to school dinner tradition is takeout. You do you and what works. You are basically just taking your dinner the night before school starts and adding a little flare.

If you want to decorate, I’ve seen quite a few dollar sections that have some adorable school supply banners + die cuts for simple decorations. Or you could tie some balloons to their chair. One friend just put their new backpacks on the back of their chairs with little name strips at each plate. So easy with things you already have but it means so much to them. You can make their favorite meal, or even get takeout from their favorite place. I love how simple it is but will be such a fun memory and something for them to look forward to.

kailee wright Kipling Backpacks Back to School


Another “back to school” tradition we have is to finish up our bucket list. That might mean it is a tradition for us to be a little bit of procrastinators. But we take full advantage of these last couple of weeks and finish up alllll the things! That may mean riding our bikes to get ice cream and taking it to the park so we can cross off 3 things in one night, but we are making it happen!! We really have loved having this bucket list! My little people are set on doing it for every season now!

kailee wright Kipling Backpacks Back to School

kailee wright Kipling Backpacks Back to School

I hope these little Back to School traditions help you think of some fun ideas for your people too! Just being able to spend that extra time with them and remind them how much we love them is all that matters to me. We are so excited for what the new school year has in store for us! What are some of your favorite back to school traditions?

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