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A Minimalist Guide to Packing

Kailee Wright Minimalist packing

my top + similar jeans + hat  ||  suitcase (and similar) + our favorite packing cubes  ||  rug + planter

It is no secret that I consider myself a minimalist. Give me all the things simple, clean, and organized. Clutter is basically my worst nightmare, and the same goes for packing!!! So when I found out I can only take ONE small carryon to Hawaii, I actually wasn’t too worried about it. Some of my girlfriends think I’m crazy!! So today I thought it would be fun to share my minimalist tips to simplifying your packing!

Kailee Wright Minimalist packing


I swear these days I can’t function without multiple to do lists. While I’m only packing for Joe and I this time around, this is the MOST helpful tip of all when packing for your whole family.  I usually go through and write down all the activities for the particular trip, so I know exactly what I need. This not only makes sure my mom brain doesn’t miss anything, but also makes sure I’m not packing things we don’t need. It really helps to keep that minimalist approach to your packing.


This above and beyond my number one tip to minimalist packing. If you are packing a full outfit for each day of your trip, with no multi-use pieces, you will quickly find yourself over packed. The opposite of your minimalist approach. Take into consideration the weather where you are headed, as well as the different activities you will be doing.

For example. since we are going to Hawaii, I want more light and breathable items. A perfect way to be multi-functional is to choose some items I can wear as pool cover ups, but dress up for dinner too. If I’m going somewhere I need jeans, I try to pick a good pair that holds its fit for more than one wear. That way I can wear them on the plane, and then again once or twice on the trip. Always think ahead about if you can dress it up or down so you aren’t bringing unnecessary extras. I love being able to choose a few staple pieces and convert them into multiple different looks to avoid overpacking.

This really comes into play when it comes to shoes. I limit myself to one pair of shoes on my feet, and one pair of sandals. That is why I love these sandals, and completely think they were worth every penny to me, with how often I have worn them. Don’t get me wrong, I had sticker shock, but I look at it as dividing the total price by how often I’ve worn them, and that is a lot of times!! They are a sturdy plastic so I can wear them to the pool or beach and not worry about the getting ruined, but they still look nice enough to wear out to dinner in the evening. This is another pair I love to take on vacation for the same reasons. Perfectly transitions from pool to dinner and I’m not bringing extra bulky shoes.


If you are flying and trying to save space in your packing, this is the biggest tip I can give. Wear your biggest, bulkiest items on your body, so they aren’t taking  up your whole suitcase. Items like jeans, cardigans, jackets, sneakers, and hats. They take up so much unnecessary space in your suitcase. If you are wearing them, you have all that space freed up for your other items.

Kailee Wright 5 Tips to Simplify Packing Your Kids


Packing cubes are a girls best friend. If you haven’t tried them yet, believe me they are a need for your next trip. First of all they save SO much space! You can fit so much into each of the cubes. But besides being space savers, they help you keep things organized. I like to categorize my items into different cubes…swim, pajamas, tops, etc. It makes it quick and easy to find things once you get there.


Last but not least, don’t over think it. I often find  myself packing and thinking, well I better take this “just in case”. If you survive a normal week wearing a pair of jeans for 2-3 days, I promise you don’t need a pair per day for your vacation. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you utilize your space wisely and don’t come home with a bunch of items you didn’t even wear!

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Whether you are headed on a romantic island getaway or a family road trip, I promise by using these tips and focusing on a minimalist approach, the stress that comes with packing will be so much lower!

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