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Short Hair Style: Tips, Tricks, + a Tutorial with Navy

Kailee Wright NAVY HAIR how i curl my hair

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Ever since I cut my hair, I have had SOOO many requests for a tutorial on how I style it. I did a quick little how to over on Instagram Stories, but have still been getting questions. So today I teamed up with my very favorites over at Navy Hair Care to give you a more in depth tutorial from freshly blow dried to fully styled. I’m sharing my real life go to products I use, plus some tips to help keep your hair healthy and your style looking its best!


Now that you’ve seen the full tutorial, let’s review a little and talk tips that I promise will be game changers for your hair!


As I mentioned in the video, most of the products I use on my hair, I pick for 2 specific jobs. To protect my hair from heat + prevent damage. I cannot stress how important this is. The Style Navigator from Navy is one of my favorite dual purpose products to do just that. It contains both a UV and thermal protection which is amazing for your hair, so I love to spray that on when it is wet to help protect before drying. But it can also be used as a styling/finishing spray that helps tame the frizz and give you a nice shiny look without a weighted down look. It is such a great investment for your hair, and such a great price when you throw in the 30% discount with code KAILEE.

Kailee Wright NAVY HAIR how i curl my hair


The wording on that might sound a little crazy, but as a hair stylist I have seen this SOOO often. People come in with a picture of a hair style that is the complete opposite of their natural hair and want us to miraculously make it happen. While things can be tweaked and changed, be willing to work with your hair style and what you have.

For me that means a WHOLE LOT of natural curl. So I have to remember that when purchasing products. Most people could get away with using just the Style Navigator I mentioned above, but my hair is a fro and wild, so I have to take that into consideration. You’ll see me use the bond smoother and oil serum on my hair. The average hair would be a giant greaseball if you used both, but I have come to know my hair and what works for me. I would suggest the oil serum if you hair is fine or thinner and flat and the bond smoother for more heavy, coarse or curly hair.

Kailee Wright NAVY HAIR how i curl my hair


My last little bit of advice is to do your research and invest in quality products. I get that the local Target is just so convenient and affordable to pick up your shampoo and styling products. But I promise you it will be so worth it for your hair and save you from so much frustration if you do your research and invest in products that will strengthen and protect your hair. Navy Hair truly is such a great line to invest in. Not only do they make your hair look amazing, but they are full of beneficial ingredients that are strengthening your hair at the same time they work their magic.

Kailee Wright NAVY HAIR how i curl my hair


** The BEST Dry Shampoo + Texture Spray :

You know I love it a lot when I convince them to make a duo out of it with me. If I were to recommend any hair products it would be The Wright Duo. It is what I like to call the ultimate power couple to take your hair from drab to fab in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s fresh-from-the-shower or day 4 … or 5 or 6…it is a miracle worker. It gives you so much body and texture and eliminates the dirt and oil without weighing you down. I LOVE LOVE IT!

** Prep + Finish Spray : 

I talked about this above, but it is such a great dual purpose product. It has a thermal protectant to help prevent damage when blow drying and curling, detangles, and helps prevent frizz and static as a finishing spray too!

** Shampoo + Conditioner : 

I recently started using this shampoo + conditioner and have loved it! It is full of lots of vitamins and good stuff including Biotin, which is SO SO good for your hair. I love that it adds a natural shine and volume to your hair and is strengthening at the same time.

[ use code KAILEE on the products above or anything on the site to get 30% off ]

. . .

I hope this little tutorial was helpful! If you have any other hair questions, head over to Instagram and leave them on my last post so I can answer them all!

Kailee Wright NAVY HAIR how i curl my hair

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