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Boys Hair: How To + My Favorite Products

Kailee Wright Boys Hair

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I’m so excited to jump back in to talking all things hair again today! But this time we are leaving the braids and messy buns behind, and putting a little different spin on it. We are talking all things BOY HAIR. I’ve had soooo many questions from how I cut + style the boys hair, to what my go to products are, so we’ve put it all together here in one post for you to reference back to!

spiker gel color gel + color spray big sexy blue gel


First up, let’s talk cut. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to many of you, but I am a classic girl through and through. I’ve never been one to lean into super trendy styles, and that includes hair cuts. I’m pretty sure if I took a survey of how many of us look back and wonder what in the world we were thinking with a certain hair style we tried to rock, I’d have a room full of hands. So I do my best to stick with a simple classic cut for my boys. I  like to keep it nice and short because it makes it quicker to style when we are in a rush, and it saves on the amount of product we have to use. Double win.kailee wright behind the scenes family pictures

houston’s top + similar jacket + pants + shoes


The style is pretty simple + classic too. We get it all tamed and under control, and then just kind of use the tips of my fingers to pull up the front center to create slightest spike/hint of a faux hawk, if that makes sense. It gives them a clean look that shows they actually did fix their hair, but nothing dramatic or wild that is hard to keep looking good all day, or takes a lot of maintenance. Getting their hair done is pretty much the last thing my boys want to be doing, so quick and easy is our jam.kailee wright behind the scenes family pictures

hudson’s similar top + pants  |  houston’s top + similar jacket + pants  |  joe’s top + tie + pants + shoes


My go to hands down number one FAVORITE hair gel for the boys is this one. I have used it for years and years since Hudson had enough hair to style and it is amazing. We honestly don’t use or buy any other gel because this one is just that good. It is so dang strong that it basically holds the style in place like glue, and the best part is you use the TINIEST bit. So the one container will last you forever. Besides that holy grail gel, the only product I use on their hair is the color spray. Houston LOVES it and it has become an almost daily request. It has been a great easy way to convince him to sit still and let me do his hair, and he thinks it is so fun.


Kailee Wright Boys Hair

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