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Favorite Finds: Snack Prep

Kailee Wright Costco snacks

Insta-cart is actually the ones providing the service. You just go online and pick the items you need, and one of their shoppers goes and does it all for you. In my opinion it  is completely worth it + your first time is FREE  I’m not buying all the random things I see while I’m there that we don’t really need. Saving money + time, in addition my sanity?! Yes please! Plus, BONUS! If you use code KWRIGHT301A4, you can get  $10 off + Free Delivery! Like I said, NOT SPONSORED, it is just been such a life saver I had to share! Back to snack prep!!

Once we get everything home it is a team effort. Everything comes out of the box. Items like Granola Bars or Apple Sauce go directly in the “snack drawer”.  If something is not individually wrapped, we portion it into little snack bags. Our main items are usually items like gold fish crackers, popcorn, pretzels, wheat thins and muffins (which we cut in 1/2). Once they are bagged, they go in the snack section of the pantry. We specifically made this area of the pantry right at their level. Everything is easy for them to access whether its for snacking or school lunch prep. (For a closer look inside our pantry we, you can go here.)

In addition to the snack prep in the pantry, we’ve also started doing it in the fridge too. I saw my sweet friend Shannon from Clean Eats Clean Treats post a mouth watering picture of the genus idea, and I loved it! It is actually one of the main reasons we picked and love this fridge from Boulevard Home Furnishings (also where we got all our appliances + they are amazing to work with!) It has the perfect easy to access snack space! For fridge snacks we try to have string cheese, individually portioned fruits, yogurt, cuties, apple sauce, etc.

It is really so simple, but has been such a game changer. I feel like my little people are so much more independent. If they need a snack, they know they can go grab one baggie. We especially love the system for being on the go. You can usually find us going from one sporting even to another after school, so my people know to just grab a couple baggies as they hop in the van. I even find myself using it on a regular basis too, so I don’t over snack. It is so nice to be able to grab a baggie of popcorn while I’m working…instead of the whole bag and eating way more than I meant to!

That about sums up how snack prep at our house works! I’d love to hear any snack prep hacks you have too!

Kailee Wright Costco snacksKailee Wright Costco snacksKailee Wright Costco snacksKailee Wright Costco snacksKailee Wright Costco snacksKailee Wright Costco snacks

photos: aubrey taiese



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  1. Kailee, i love this! May i ask if you have any restrictions for snacking? I feel like my kids would eat 20 cheese sticks each if it was at their disposal. 😉 lol! How do you control snacking, or is a free-for-all and you find that that just works for your family? Thanks for any thoughts on this!

    1. Hi Angie! We definitely have restrictions. We actually don’t usually do snacks after school, because dinner is always at 5. We use the snacks the most for on the go, and I usually specify how many baggies/options they can grab. It definitely depends on the sitution, but we try to set limits for sure!

    1. It is the Thermador 24″ Built in Column. There is a fridge piece and a freezer piece that you order together. Hope that makes sense!