Everyday Curls Video Tutorial - Kailee Wright
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Everyday Curls Video Tutorial

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Okay friends…today is finally the day that I share my first video hair tutorial on my YouTube Channel!!! I’m so excited + nervous to see what you all think, and I hope to finally answer a bunch of your questions about how + what products I use in my hair. So here goes…please be nice. Haha.

(video by my friend Kelley at 618studios.net)

NuMe wand 32mm (I also have the 25mm)
CHI Flat Iron + here
CHI Silk Fusion serum drops : use when wet on ends + sides (I also use this after I’ve curled my hair for extra shine)
Joico Kpak Liquid Reconstructor : spray all over hair when wt
CHI Thermal Spray : use before applying any heat (curling or straightening) on DRY hair
Suave Dry Shampoo : use at roots to freshen up your hair and go longer in between washes

So I talked with one fabulous lady at Nume and told her how much I love my NuMe Wands + about my first video going live and that I just knew that all of you would love to a discount code!! So she worked her magic and gave me a SPECIAL OFFER for just my readers!!! Wait for it….TWO WANDS for $39!!! You can only get this deal through this direct link > > > HERE < < <  to unlock the code. No coupon code needing. Just add TWO wands to your cart, go to checkout and at the BOTTOM your price will have been adjusted to $39!!! Honestly, this is one of the best deals on these NuMe wands!!! I still can’t believe they are letting me have this offer just for you guys!! It ended a few weeks ago and that was it!! Done Gonzo!! But she let me have the same deal JUST FOR YOU!!! So take advantage and stock up for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gosh buy yourself another fun size just to try out. I know I have stocked up + these wands are crazy good!! Trust me…you’ll thank me later!! Happy Wednesday!!


(by clicking on the image below)

Kailee_hairtutorial-33=…I wrap the hair AWAY from my face…Kailee_hairtutorial-31=Kailee_hairtutorial-25=Kailee_hairtutorial-21=

photos by Corrisa Ann Photo


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  1. What type of shampoo do you use? I have the exact same type of hair you do, and struggle to find a good shampoo and conditioner. Thanks!

  2. You are the cutest! I miss having you do my hair! You have always had the prettiest hair. LOVED this tutorial and I love the wands I bought with your deal!

  3. I cannot even believe the goodness of this deal!!! I’m so excited!! I just purchased the 25 and 32mm wands!! What a steal. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 🙂

    I loved your tutorial by the way. It’s super easy, and you explain things really well. I don’t feel like you were going too fast, because curling with a wand is pretty simple. I just found your IG through a friend and I’m already loving it!

    Thanks again!!

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have very similar hair and I am also going through postpartum hair loss. This gave me some encouragement and confidence that my hair can be healthy and look healthy!! Also thanks for the coupon on the nume irons. Total Score!!! You should do more of these. It was great!!

  5. loved the tutorial! you did great! i had one question, do you use a hairspray in the end to hold it or just the chi oil?

  6. Great tutorial! I love your hair!! Thank you Thank you for sharing your hair products. I too have long, naturally curly hair that is processed blonde and all this screams DRY ENDS!! Amen to all those who wash their hair just once a week – I am in your boat 🙂

  7. I havnt been through your whole blog or all your posts yet so maybe I have missed it., LOVE your every day curls,
    But I was also wondering when you do wash your hair do you use any wet products at all. If you blow dry and then curl do you use any volumizing moose or anything to help with that added lift or help those curls to last through out the day?
    you say you have some curl in your hair… I on the other hand do not, my ends kick out and thats about it
    so when I do curl my hair I find my curls dont last that well through the day by the end its looking pretty straight again.
    do you have any suggestions on what might help my curls hold through the day!?
    (im also one to wash my hair more often then you! I have a pretty naturally oily skin, and I hate mornings getting my daughter ready for Kindergarten and my self ready for work at the spa I find I am a bit more alive during the day with that morning or atleast every other morning shower!)

    Any tips would be amazing, I can braid roses into my daughters waist length hair but…. I cant always do mine so well!

  8. Kailee, Hi it’s April Snyder Mikes wife! Thanks so much for this amazing video and offer on the Wands! Macey and I watched the video we loved it! Your hair is beautiful and you make it look so easy! I am so excited to do it! Thanks for the help! I am excited to try all the hair products! Thanks again so much!! I love your Instagram you have the cutest family!!!

  9. Love this!!! My hair is the same way. I straighten the curls on top & leave the frizz/curls on the bottom because the curls hold better! Thanks for sharing the products you use too. Definitely need to get some of those!!!
    P.s. what a steal on the nume wand!!!

  10. Thanks so much, Kailee! I just bought the wands and am so excited! I have been looking for a new trusty wand and I can’t wait to try this out! thanks again!

  11. I loved this video! I love all the product advice you gave and that you showed the application process too. I hate the idea of teasing my roots because I don’t want to break my hair and get flyaways, but I never thought to tease with a pick! I am definitely going to do that and try the Suave dry shampoo. You did so well on the tutorial! It’s hard to believe this was your first one. You are such a natural! I hope you do more tutorials. Your hair and outfits always look so pretty 🙂

  12. Just found you via your instagram account. You are great in your video tutorial… you are darling and have a gorgeous family. I will be following your blog and look forward to more posts about hair, clothing and interior design

  13. You mentioned in the tutorial that you dye your own hair. Would love to know what color you use and perhaps another tutorial (pretty please)! I also have pale blond hair and am ashamed at how much money I’ve spent highlighting over the years at salons. Just nervous to do it myself

    1. Hi Vanessa! Thank you so much for your input and for reading! I actually went to Hair school and have done hair on the side for years! I’ve had quite a few requests for some hair color tips though so i think I’ll try something! stay tuned and thanks again!

  14. I’m reading this post 2 years after and your coupon cope is still good, thank you! I got 50% off!!!!!!!! I’m finally starting to get some hair regrowth after baby #2 so excited to try this and the products you mention here 🙂

    1. Kristen! Doesn’t that regrowth take forever?! You will love this stuff, especially the wand! Makes getting ready sooo quick and easy!