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Favorite Accessories

  • simple necklaces – are defiantly my go to!! I love that they are delicate and my “h” has meaning behind it.
  • bracelets – are for sure a fun extra + keep the babies entertained.
  • rings – add so much. You can add a few simple ones or go for one big thick ring like I usually do.
  • earrings – I don’t always wear these…because with my hair being down so often you hardly ever see them. Plus it’s the one thing Harper likes to pull on.
  • sunnies – of course these are a no brainer! haha. A good pair of sunnies always make any look (even sweats) look like a stylin outfit!! Plus i love that they can cover your tired eyes – if needed.

I round up a bunch of my favorite accessories from Nordstrom below. These are my go-to’s on a daily basis


kailee-wright-nordstrom-accessories kailee-wright-nordstrom-accessorieskailee-wright-nordstrom-accessories kailee-wright-nordstrom-accessorieskailee-wright-nordstrom-accessories

in partnership with Nordstrom

photos: aubrey taiese

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