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Favorite Finds: 10 Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now

kailee wright favorite finds

top  |  jeans  shoes  |  hat


If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that we started a fun series earlier in the year called “Favorite Finds”.  It was a series of blog posts that we started to both answer your most asked questions, as well as highlight some of the things I’m currently loving.  Most week’s have a theme to go with them. I’ve shared my must have basicsfavorite recipessnack prepbaby favorites and more! With such a crazy busy and FUN summer, we took a bit of a hiatus from the series, but it is coming back with a bang today, full of all things I’m loving right now!

1. First on the list, lets talk tanning! I’ve shared on here a million times that I’m doing my best to up my skincare game a little, and really focus on taking better care of it. Sitting out in the direct sun is a no go for me. But lets be honest. Nobody likes feeling white and pasty. Have no fear, this spray tan machine will straight up change your life. It is one of my favorite purchases I’ve made all summer, I really honestly love it that much. You can use it to spray yourself so so easy to use or have your hubby spray you. The spray is so even and the color is not orangey at all. I loved having it to use before our trip!

If you are looking for a quicker option that is perfect to take with you in your carry on, it is these tanning wipes. Yes you read that right, wipes! It makes self-tanning pretty much the easiest thing you’ve ever done! They are so awesome to throw in your bag and go.

2. Speaking of travel, another thing I’m obsessed with right now are these clear bags. I love to have alllll the things organized in my life. These have been sucha game changer. They make grabbing what you need so quick and easy. No more bags turning into a bottomless pit!

kailee wright favorite finds

top  |  white jeans  |  hat  |  slides  || harper top + headband + shorts (zara)

3. You all know I’m a sucker for a good hat, so of course they made the list of things I’m obsessed with right now. These hats from Gigi Pip have always been my go to. I’m especially loving them for fall. They are the perfect way to tie an outfit together and/or to cover up your hair when you are in a rush. Since I had so many of you asking, she is giving you all Free Shipping with code KAILEESHIP!

4. Summer with 5 little people means us being constantly on the go trying to squeeze in alll the things. This phone charger has saved my bacon more than once with a low phone battery. It can charge your phone like 5-6 times before you need to charge it again. It has been such a life saver.

kailee wright favorite finds chip cookies

hayden : romper  ||  houston : tee + joggers + shoes  ||  harper : outfit + headband  ||  my top + jeans  ||  hudson : top + shorts  ||  hunter top + jeans + shoes

5. It is no secret around here I LOVE treats, especially an ooey gooey WARM chocolate chip cookie. My mouth is watering just thinking about them, so it should come as no surprise that CHIP is definitely one of the things I’m obsessed with right now. We had heard so many good things about their cookies from friends, so we stopped by on a date night a few months ago. You guys, I think we’ve been back as part of every date night since. Now the little people are obsessed too! I wanted to share the addiction (and love) with you, so stay tuned on Instagram for a big giveaway with them!

6. This lip scrub! I’ve shared it here before but I’m still addicted. It is the perfect quick + easy way to exfoliate your lips. You don’t have to wipe it off, it just leaves your lips a light pink shade that goes with everything.

7. This one is pretty simple but if you have even slightly longer hair, or little girls, you need these hair ties in your life. The  best part about them is they don’t leave a crease in your hair. I thought they were too good to be true, but I am here to report that they are every bit as good as you’ve heard. They are available in clear, as well as different shades to blend with your hair color too.  So if you just need your hair out of the way, but want to hold those curls and not have a big line in your hair, these are AMAZING!!

8. While we are talking about hair, another thing I’m obsessed with that I have been for years is this hair gel. It has been my go to for the boys hair for YEARS. I’ve tried others and we always come back to this one. It has the perfect natural hold, without leaving their hair sticky or crusty.

Kailee Wright Nordstrom Sale best shoes

tank  |  leggings tennies  |  hat

9. Working out is the next thing I’m obsessed with!! Ok I won’t go as far to say I’m obsessed with it, but  I have really started to make it a priority and I am loving how I feel. While my body is still easing in to the actual workouts, I will say I’m obsessed with the clothes! Athletic clothing has really stepped up their game!! There are so many cute but still so functional options I’m loving.

Top on my list has got to be these sneakers. They have been AMAZING! Even for just running errands, they have been my go to and I’m loving them! These leggings I have on are like butter and probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever owned. I love how affordable they are for such good quality that I just bought a second pair. I just snagged these camo ones too and have been so happy with them.

10.  Last but not least are these exfoliating wipes from Tula. You should all know about my love for Tula right now and how amazing their products are. I use the face wash + day/night cream every single day and love them so much I gift them to all my family and friends. I just recently started using these face exfoliating pads and just like everything else, I love them! Your face feels so so soft and your makeup lays so much better and more natural looking.  You can use code KAILEESUMMER for 20% off all things Tula!

I think that sums up today’s Favorite Finds! I hope you find something you’ll love as much as I do! If you ever have questions or things you’d like me to share more about in the Favorite Finds series, leave a comment here or over in a Direct Message on Instagram and I’ll add it to the schedule!


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  1. Yesss on the hair ties and athletic gear! I just (last night!) went to my training to be a head coach at my girls’ school for Girls On The Run (so scared! haha), starting in Sept. so, I’m on the hunt for athletic clothes, sneakers and I may gift my team of girls some hair ties on the first day of practice!! This roundup of favorites has perfect timing! Thanks!


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