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Favorite Products for Baby’s First Year

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This past week flew right by and it is already time for another round of our new feature, Favorite Finds. If you missed last week, this is a new series where I’ll highlight the things I’m getting asked about the most, and my must have finds I’d share with any great girlfriend! With Harper turning one, (cue the tears, you can read her birth story here) I wanted to devote this week’s post to all my favorite finds for Baby’s First Year. Having 5 little people of my own, its safe to say I’ve tested my fair share of products. From must haves for the nursery, baby gear, and sleep helps, I’m sharing it all!



When it comes to a new baby, SLEEP is the one thing I think every mom dreams of. Getting my babies on a good sleep schedule has always been a top priority for me. I’ve shared my 5 tips for getting your baby on a sleep schedule as well as all my tried and true swaddling tricks in the past, but wanted to share some of my go to products that help accomplish that!

  • Dock a Tot: Ah this is such a life saver. I wish I would’ve had it for all 5 of my babies! I love this little pod because baby is safe and snuggly all the time. You can move it to any room in the house as you go about your day – which is what we do. We have also  loved it for traveling. Eventually when you go up to the bigger size it makes for easy transitioning to the crib.kailee-wright-dock-a-tot
  • Swaddle Sack: It is no secret how big of a fan I am of this swaddle sack. I love it so much I did a whole post about it here, because its just that good. How I wish I knew about it/it existed before Harper. Its perfect for babies that don’t love to stay swaddled in a blanket.love-to-dream-swaddle-up
  • Sound Machine: I like to use a sound machine to help drowned out noise BUT to also get my babies used to constantly hearing noise when they sleep. That way, my older people can live + play and I don’t have to worry about the baby waking up. We love this particular one so much we have multiple for both babies.
  • Rock N Play: I’ve had this since my 2nd baby. He was really colicky, had bad reflux, and would always spit up. Since my 1st loved to sleep in her car seat (or that’s where she slept best) we were thrilled when they came out with the rock n’ play sleeper!! All of my other four babies have slept in this wonderfully (for the first few months/along with in their cribs) but I love how portable it is so you are able to move into any room super easy!!Kailee Wright_Baby Products
  • Crib Sheets: I’m a firm believer that just like we like a cozy + comfortable place to sleep, so do our little ones. A good crib sheet plays such a big part in that. I wanted something soft and gentle on their skin, and my absolute favorites are these from Oilo. Not only are they such high quality, but all the patterns are so clean, simple, and modern. The owner, and my close friend Annalisa helped me design nurseries for both Harper + Houston, so she has a definite eye for design.
  • Swaddle Blankets: In my experience, one of the things that helped my babies sleep was to be swaddled nice and tight. If you don’t feel like your the best at it, I’ve shared my tips for making it easy and effective here. To get the perfect swaddle you can’t just use any blanket. It needs to be lightweight and breathable so your baby isn’t too hot. It also needs to have some stretch to it and be a good size. These swaddles are my favorite because they fit all the technical aspects, while having the cutest patterns at the same time! They are one of my favorite things to gift for baby showers too!how-to-swaddle-a-baby
  • Binkies: This one is completely based on your preference, or really your baby’s preference. Some could care less about binkies, and some could be like a few of mine and be totally obsessed! These are our favorites around here and the best part, inexpensive!


Whether you are a mom of your very first baby, or 5 little ones, traveling and getting where you need to go with a baby is not always an easy task! Sometimes you just need your hands free around the house too and these are my go to for gear in Baby’s First Year.

  • High Chair: These high chairs are for sure in the top 5 asked about items in our new house. I’ve had 100’s of Direct Messages + Emails asking where they were from + my thoughts. I’ve had them for years and absolutely love them. They are so sturdy, I never have to worry about it keeping the grip on the counter top. I love that they are quick and easy to wipe down too! The best part for baby is it puts them right in the action with everyone else, which Harper LOVES.
  • Stroller: A good stroller is a MUST, especially once you have more than one babe. I wanted something easy to set up + take down on my own, easy to maneuver in tighter spaces, and of course clean + modern. My favorite thing is how customized you can make it. It can be adjusted to be a single, two tiny babies, a toddler and baby, or two toddlers all in one. You can pick all the details down to every color and accessory. It seriously covers all your bases and we love it!Kailee Wright_Museum of Natural Curiousity
  • Portable Crib: Since we were living out of state, away from family, a good travel crib was a must. Again something easy to set up + take down, and that is pretty compact for traveling was important to us. We loved this one because it is still really breathable. Living out of the rental for so long, this even became Harper’s bed for a good part of her first year of life!Kailee Wright_Nuna Breeze
  • Walker: Harper is the first baby we’ve had with this walker and she loves it! It keeps her right in the action so she can “run around” with the other little people, while helping her practice those walking skills. I love that it is so easy to clean + takes up hardly any space when its folded up  + put away.
  • Ergobaby Carrier: If you’ve ever had a clingy baby, you know a good carrier is a necessity. You can keep baby close and nuzzled in to you all while being hands free to help your other little people or just do your daily tasks. I love that the Ergo can be used around the house, at the park, hiking, anywhere! I also loved the Solly Baby Wrap when my babies were tiny for a more gentle hold.
  • MamaRoo: This is one I’m sure you’ve all heard about, but it definitely makes my list for those first few months. It is perfect for when you need to put baby down for a little bit. They still get the rocking motion to stay calm or sleeping. Both Houston + Harper loved napping in ours.Kailee Wright_Baby Products


These items may not be a necessity, but who doesn’t love to add cute outfits and accessories to an already adorable baby?!  I may like to shop for my little people even more than myself!

  • Moccs: It is no secret these are a favorite! The variety of colors + patterns is endless. I love that they are soft on your baby’s skin but still keep them warm and cozy. And bonus, they are so easy to get on their tiny feet!kailee-wright
  • Bows: My obsession for these bows should come as no surprise. They are my very favorite! Besides the obvious factor of how cute they are, I love the soft stretchy fabric so it doesn’t bother Harper.
  • Pajamas: These are so good that as soon as I found out about their adult line, I bought myself multiple pairs. The fabric is out of this world soft. They are super stretchy so your baby can move easily. Plus they are so cute you don’t even have to feel bad about not getting baby dressed for the day.  LOVE them!kailee-wright-baby-first-year

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  1. Do you use the Dockatot in the crib? I’ve read conflicting reviews and trying to figure out if this makes sense for us as we do not co-sleep in our bed, but prefer the baby in her own crib.

    1. We personally just bought a dock a tot for my 6m old son because he stopped sleeping through the night since Christmas. I was desperate to get my sleep back! He’s been going to bed, awake in his crib since 2 weeks old so he’s “sleep trained” but if he wakes up at 1am he can’t self soothe and go back to bed without being nursed. I figured at this point if he somehow rolls out of the dock he will be able to keep his head up long enough for me to hear him from down the hall and I can fix his positioning. But within a week of using it he no longer wakes until I go get him in the morning to eat, and he’s never tried to get out of it! I really can’t see how they would get out of the dock and get wedged between the dock and the crib rail which is the company’s main reason for saying it’s not meant to go in the crib. We love that we can still use out AngelCare motion monitor too so if something were to happen and he started suffocating I would know within 10 seconds and could run in to help.


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