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3 Tips to Organize + Simplify A Master Closet

Kailee Wright Master Closet

sweater jeans  slippers  |  hat + most hats from Gigi Pip  |  grey baskets wire baskets  |  black tags


Today I’m sharing a space that I think just about any woman loves! The master closet! I’ve shared a few sneak peeks over on Instagram and had so many requests to show more. So today I’m taking you inside + sharing a few tips on  how I organized it!


My first priority + biggest tip is to simplify. In our house in California, space was tight. I knew we’d have more room in the new house, but a clean out was needed. Before we moved, I went through every single thing and only kept the items I use and wear on a regular basis. I love that when I go to my closet now, I’m not looking through a bunch of pieces I don’t wear. I keep the current season items at eye level, so I’m not overwhelmed by sweaters in the heat of summer, or swim in the winter! I’ve also made a deal with myself that for every new item that comes in the closet, something old has to go. Excess usually equals mess.


Once I had things simplified, organizing was top priority. It’s no secret that I’m a little on the OCD side, so I wanted the master closet to be very functional. I love having things color coordinated. I start by separating the type of shirt. Sweaters, Long Sleeve, T-Shirts, and Button Ups. Once they are sectioned, I color coordinate. I swear this simple change in the space makes getting ready so much faster.

As for pants and accessories, baskets + bins are your best friend. When everything has a contained space, nothing is out and messy to distract the eye. Having uniform baskets keeps the space looking clean + put together. The same goes for hangers.

The simplest things in the master closet are actually my favorite. The little tags I used to label make my ocd heart skip a beat. I love that they are easy to read. Having a label makes it quick and easy to put laundry away. My other favorite in the space is having the hats hanging. I had so many people ask how I hung them, and the answer is not as impressive as you’d think. I laid the hats along the shelf, eyeballed where I wanted them, and hammered a tiny nail in. So simple, yet such an effective use of space to keep those clean lines.


The biggest tip I have to organizing your master closet is probably this. Focus on your basics. You know what you wear most. If you are always reaching for the same basic tees or sweaters, keep them at the forefront of your closet. Your every day looks should be the most prominent + easy to access in the space. A dress you pull out for the rare fancy party should be in a place you rarely see. If you rarely use it, you should rarely see it!

Everyone likes things done differently, but I hope you found these simple tips helpful! I’d love to hear your best organization tips too! If you have any questions or details I missed, I’m happy to answer them!

xx kails

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photos: aubrey taiese

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  1. Ok, tackling the master closet is my goal this month! This organization guide is perfect. I need all new hangers! Can you share where you got yours?

  2. In the winter, I don’t leave the house without at least one layer under my sweater. A white tee is a top pick to go under just in case I decide the place I am going warrants removing my sweater, which does happen. Olive Sweater:A wool olive sweater is one of my favorite things to have.

  3. Your closet is a dream! I Am planning on having My closet redone and love the height of your built in Drawers (with your hats hanging above ). If you dont mind me aSking…how tall is that built in?

  4. Hi I have seen a few people ask but I didn’t see it answered. What kind of closet system did you use? What is the material? Is it MDF, hardwood plywood such as maple or is it a melamine type product? Look great. organization tips are awesome!

    1. We just had it custom made by our cabinet guy. It isn’t an already made system we just kind of made it up with him.


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