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First Day Back to School

Last Wednesday my three oldest had their first day back to school! It was such a bitter-sweet day for this mama. The little people were so excited, especially Hayden as she headed into TK. She seriously had a smile on her face for days and kept saying, “I’m going to big school with Hunter and Bubby!” I actually didn’t cry — probably because I had little Houston to distract me, but all was good. All three kids are in the same school!! It’s crazy to me because I never went to school with any of my sisters — so of course I think this is the neatest thing ever!

I asked the little people what top five items they thought were the best or what they needed most for the first day back to school, and then asked them why? Some answers are so funny. So we are sharing a few of our favorites with you below.

5 “Must Have” Back to School Items 

  • Great Shoes : Kid reason – Your shoes have to be fast!! Because, you’ve got to run super fast to class, and you need to keep up with all the other kids.

Mom reason – Of course I personally want well made shoes that will last through the year and that can go with almost all their outfits.

  • Backpack : Kid reason – You have to have a backpack with lots of pockets and secret pockets to hide stuff.

Mom reason – We haven’t bought backpacks for a few years because I like to spend a tad more money on super durable ones that I know can stand the wear and tear and last a few years. Plus I agree with the little people — great pockets are a must have! We’ve heard wonderful things about these backpacks!!

  • Clothes : Kid reason – Ummmm just because you have to wear clothes, duh.

Mom reason – If you’ve followed along for awhile you know I’m about always buying staple pieces for my little people. I love that they can be mixed and matched with multiple outfits. By doing this, you get the best bang for your buck because, you can pair these pieces with almost anything to make so many different outfits!

  • Lunch Box : Kids reason – (this was my little’s favorite thing to pick out this year) It has to be big enough to hold all my food and my cookie and not smash everything….oh and and ice pack. (Hunter) and it can’t be baby-ish with pony’s now, because I’m in 4th grade.

Mom reason – I honestly let my people pick out whatever lunchbox they want as long as I can wipe it down easily + clean out any spills.

  • Water Bottle : Kid reason – We are always so hot at recess and don’t want to wait in line at the drinking fountain for warm water. So I want a BIG water bottle that will just keep my water cold with ice.

Mom reason – I love these water bottles because they don’t spill. Also, I don’t have to worry about the little people trying to screw back on the cap. They’re great and each one of us have a different color, so I just refill them and keep them in the fridge all the time.


hunter:  cardigan  |  shorts  |  sandals  |  backpacks lunch box  ||  hudson:  shirt (similar)  |  shorts  |  shoes  ||  hayden:  shirt dress  |  shorts  |  sandals

Kailee Wright_Nike ShoesKailee Wright_Nike ShoesKailee Wright_Nike Shoes

photos: corissa ann


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    1. I think all backpacks look big on two year olds. haha. But I think if you get the “Kids” size in the Parkland you’ll love it!! Thats the size Hayden has and the size is perfect!!