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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Woman

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my jumpsuit + almost identical jumpsuit for $36  || hayden’s jumpsuit (similar)  ||  hunter’s top  ||  harper’s outfit and bow

Time is flying on by and somehow we are already just about into May! While I can’t believe it’s already here, I am welcoming it and it’s beautiful Spring weather with open arms!! Since we are heading into May this week, that means Mother’s Day is just around the corner so it is time to start thinking of some good ideas for all your favorite women out there! I often hear that moms or women in general are hard to shop for. Crazy talk right?! I think the problem is sometimes we get stuck in a rut of doing the same gifts on repeat and aren’t thinking out of the box. So today I’ve rounded up a TON of gift ideas from all different genres whether you want to go fitness, beauty, sentimental, or even cash free! We’ve got you covered!!

my top + leggings  ||  harper’s similar top + similar leggings  ||  tula favorites (use code kailee for 20% off!)


First up let’s talk beauty! Beauty products are almost always a safe go to when it comes to gifting to girlfriends! Since we all tend to use the products daily, it is kind of fail proof! But today I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite beauty go to picks that would make amazing Mother’s Day Gifts!

First up, you know my love for all things Tula. When it comes to gifting my favorite is their Cleanser + Moisturizer Duo. You cannot go wrong with this pair, PLUS you can use code KAILEE to get 20% off!

Another skin care favorite I’ve been obsessed with and have gifted to a few girlfriends is the Tinted SUNSCREEN Moisturizer from Form. It is just enough coverage to balance out your skin tone and gives you the protection you need during these upcoming sunny days without the gross sticky feel. It is amazing! Use code kailee10 to get an extra 10% off!

If you want to go a little bigger for your Mother’s Day gift, you could think more along the lines of beauty tools. Two of my go to products I have used for years are the PMD and this Roller. I actually wondered if both would live up to hype, but I am here to tell you they totally do. I have seen such a change in my skin since using them.

And last but not least in beauty ideas is to keep it simple with lips! If you live on planet Earth, you’ve probably heard about this lip mask. Again I thought it was all just a fad and so over hyped. Until I tried it and my lips were changed forever. It is the silkiest smoothest miracle product and makes you feel like you woke up with a brand new set! It would be so cute to pair with a favorite lipstick or gloss!


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Kailee Wright Fitness Tips for Working Out

my tank (and similar)  |  leggings + similar  | favorite hair ties  ||  yoga mat + weights 


You have probably noticed, but over the past year fitness and taking better care of myself both physically and mentally has become a major goal of mine and so much more important to me. As much as I love seeing the physical changes, the mental ones have been such a game changer. I feel so much happier, patient, positive, and productive!! So I had to share some of the things that have made that a reality, that would make great Mother’s Day gifts!

First up and probably the best gift on the list would be a Clean Simple Eats meal plan. Every single one of them is packed full of meals that are so dang good, and that is saying something because I am a pretty picky girl. I love that they truly are simple like the name says, and meals my whole family loves! As women we are usually the ones doing a lot of cooking, so why not make that easier on your mom or girlfriends with this?! Code KAILEE gets you $15 off too!

Another fun fitness idea would be to pair a cute water bottle with some YUMMY G2G bars. Think of it as the healthy route to giving someone their favorite soda and candy bar. They will be obsessed with the bars, and who doesn’t love a cute new water bottle?! Plus you can get 20% off the bars with code Kailee.


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my sweater + jeans  ||  hunter’s cardigan + leggings  ||  pink pillow


Mother’s Day is a great holiday to switch gears a little bit and go for a more thoughtful approach. These are my (and I think a lot of women out there) favorite type of gifts to give and receive. Just knowing that its something that you or they can hold on to for years to come and has a special memory is my favorite.

One of my go to’s for sentimental/thoughtful gifts is Made By Mary. Every single thing she creates is incredible and has so much meaning behind it. You can do pieces with kids names or birthstones, anniversary dates, or even just the simple phrase “mama”. I have a necklace with my late grandmas name on it and it is something I cherish. She recently added rings to her collection too and I have my eye on those too! They’d make a great Mother’s Day gift. And if you are shopping for yourself….or a later gift…stay tuned because we will have an amazing exclusive code this weekend with Mary!

Another more sentimental gift is a journal. I did something similar for my mom where I got a new journal, but I wrote down 5 of my favorite memories with her in the back. Just adding that personal touch makes it so special. Chatbooks are a great way to do this too and my favorite gift idea for grandmas! They love to see all the fun pictures of your family and they are so simple to make!


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Kailee Wright kitchen

my top + jeans + shoes  ||  harper’s similar top + leggings  || houston’s similar joggers + tee  ||  stool


Just because it is a holiday, doesn’t mean you have to go all out and spend a ton of money either. I love trying to think of gifts to maybe add in to my card that aren’t about the price tag. Here are some fun ideas!

We just celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday and wanted to do something special.  We had the idea to have everyone write her a letter. She absolutely loved it and it is definitely one of those gifts you love and cherish forever.

Another favorite (especially for grandmas) is to make videos of the past year, or of all the kids/grandkids. It is so simple to throw together using iMovie and they always end up being family favorites to go back and watch!

And if you are anything like our family where your heart is closely connected to your stomach, serving them by making a favorite meal, freezer meal, or treat is great too! For my sister’s birthday I prepped a whole bunch of her favorite protein shake so not only did she get the yummy shake, but she got the time that it would’ve taken her to do them. My mom is great at this and will often make the kids a batch of cookies for a birthday, but gift them a big tub of the cookie dough too so they can make it later on too. So simple but fun, and what mom doesn’t want to take meal prep off their to do for a day or two?

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Kailee Wright Spring Shoes

my top (+ here)  + jeans + belt + wedges  ||  harper’s dress + bow  ||  nightstand + vase + greenery  ||  rug


Last but not least is the fashion favorites. These are pretty fail proof and something we don’t always think of when we think Mother’s Day gifts. I think some great ideas would be something fun for spring! Maybe some new spring sandals or dresses? Or you can go accessories too, like a cute new wallet filled with gift cards to her favorite for a date night with you! If you are feeling a little more practical you can go with the Loopy Case! Everyone can appreciate the convenience of a Loopy! They not only protect your phone, but keep those busy mama hands free! Plus you can use code kailee10 for 10% off or kailee15 for 15% off if you are buying multiple!


If that crazy list doesn’t fill your brain ideas, I don’t know what will! Haha! But in all honesty, Mother’s Day is such a special holiday. Mom’s work so hard day in and day out and it is so fun to take a day to celebrate the mom or mom figure in our lives! I hope you all know how much I appreciate your friendships and feel a little extra love this year!

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