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Our Home : A Little Update

Kailee Wright Front Room Ellen Rug

couch + pillows + chairs  |  rug  |  coffee table  |  black round planter + fiddle leaf tile

Can you guys even believe we are coming up on a year and a half of living in our home?! I swear it has flown right by. But at the same time I feel like we have already made so many amazing memories together in this space! If you’ve been here over that past 17 months, then you know I took you through a bit of a design tour and gave you a look inside how we laid out and designed each of our spaces from the kitchen all the way down to the laundry room and everything in between! Now that we’ve had time to kind of settle and see what works best for our family and our needs, we’ve made a few changes that I wanted to share with you today in a little house update!

Kailee Wright Front Room Ellen Rug

couch + pillows + chairs  |  rug  |  coffee table  |  black round planter + fiddle leaf tile

The biggest changes we have made have been in our family room + office. I shared a little office update a couple of weeks ago. So today the focus will be on the heart of our home, the kitchen and family room.

So I’m sure some of you are probably wondering why we did a complete change up from the original family room, after only living here for a year. And there are kind of a few answers to that. One, I think I was just in such a rush to get out of the rental and get my people in our home together for the holidays (that were a week away), that I didn’t spend a lot of time on the decisions. I just needed places to sleep and beds to sleep in. So I rushed things. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the space we designed and the pieces we had. But after testing it out for a year, there were just changes that needed to be made for functionality for our family.

So with that in mind, I called up my cute cousin that has worked as an interior designer for Gatehouse for over 20 years, and said I needed her input on the new design I had in mind. Joe has ALWAYS wanted a sectional up here. But in my head I just didn’t want a big bulky “man cave” looking piece in our main space. I’m all about clean and simple. To me that wasn’t going to fit the mold. BUT Gatehouse proved me wrong! We were able to have them custom make this sectional that we are all in love with!! I feel like we can fit so many more of our family and friends in the space, but the room still feels so open!

But as a mom to 5 little people, the thing I love most about this sectional is the fabric we used. I know you are all looking at this thinking “a white couch?! are you insane?!” And the answer is no, because of the magic of crypton. I’m not going to lie, when they told me it could handle any spills and be completely wipe-able, I kind of laughed, like wait until you see what 5 kids can do to it. But I am here to say it is true! We have already had blood, pizza sauce, pretty much all the terrible things spilled on it and it has wiped right off WITH A BABY WIPE! Like no scrubbing and still seeing the faint stain. It is GONE. I could not be happier about how it turned out!

Kailee Wright Front Room Ellen Rug

rug  |  coffee table  |  couch + pillows  |  planter

Since we updated the furniture we needed to switch up the rug as well. I honestly had always wanted the rug to cover up more of the tile. But I could never find one giant enough in stock. With the light colored furniture and super bright windows, I wanted something that brought a little more depth and texture to kind of ground the space. So I finally decided I need to put on my patient pants and order the one I wanted and wait it out. And it was worth the wait!! I found it through Ed By Ellen, and was actually so surprised at how many amazing rug options they have that I hadn’t seen anywhere else. They were amazing to work with through shipping delays and all the things. I think it totally ties the room together perfectly!

Kailee Wright Front Room Ellen Rug    Kailee Wright Front Room Ellen Rug

. . .

Kailee Wright House Update

table  (sold out, very similar linked)  |  chairs  |  gray stripe pillows

In addition to all the bigger changes to the main family living space, we made some smaller changes as well throughout the house that we have had some questions about. One of the most asked about is our kitchen table. (Sold out, very similar linked) We changed it out shortly after moving here just because we needed a change. We had done the bench seating with our old table for years. With the people getting bigger we just wanted a change. I LOVE the clean modern look of the table, and that the black accent of the chairs ties it in with our hardware and windows in the space. Not a huge difference but it has been such a great change!

. . .

Kailee Wright House Update

harper’s romper (sold out) + cardigan  ||  stool

And last on the little house update is this stool. Ha! Nothing shocking and crazy. But every single time I show even the slightest glimpse of it, I get a million questions! You see it kind of all over the house because the babies are obsessed with it. They seriously use it to climb up and get all the things. So it is definitely well loved, but the quality is amazing and it still looks like new. I love that it still flows with the clean modern design of our home, but is totally functional as well!

Kailee Wright House Update   harper’s romper (sold out) + cardigan  ||  my top + jeans  |  stool

I think that sums up the house update for now, and hopefully answers all of your questions! If I missed any source questions, you can check out the other room posts I’ve linked down below! Leave anything else I missed in the comments and I will be sure to answer them!


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photos : aubrey taiese 

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  1. We are remodeling our house right now and struggling to pick a flooring option. Do you have radiant heat under your tile? I love the look of tile but we don’t have radiant heat and i worry it would be too cold in our main living space. Did you consider a hardwood option or did you always know you wanted Tile? Your home is beautiful!! thank you for sharing!

  2. What grout color did you do for your tile floors? We are doing the same exact tile floors and are having a hard time deciding on color. Help!.


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