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Friday Faves

Kailee Wright Sweaty Betty        harper’s leggings + tank  ||  my leggings + top + shoes

Friday is finally here and we are ready for the weekend!! Something about the weather finally cooperating just makes the weekend that much more exciting! When I was trying to think of what to share with you for today’s Friday Faves, I decided to keep it pretty simple, and share my current favorites that I’ve recently stumbled upon and am LOVING! So no real theme this time around, but sometimes life is better a little random right?! We still have some awesome new products to share with you for today’s Friday Faves!

01.  long shorts  |  02.  black forest gummy bears  |  03. classic jewelry  |  04. jewelry case  |  05.  the BEST swim suit   06.  primer  |  07. white nail polish  |  08. meal prep containers   09.   sweaty betty leggings

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Is it just me, or have cute long shorts been impossible to find in the past?! I swear they all just screamed old lady or were just not cute on. But have no fear because I finally found the BEST pair I am loving (and bought in both colors). They are the perfect length, and the fabric has just enough stretch to be comfortable but not so much that you have a saggy bum by lunch time. You are going to want to snag some of these for your summer staples.

Kailee Wright Black Forest gummies

hayden’s dress  ||  my top + jeans + belt  ||  white bowl + gummies 


While my love for ice cream runs deep, I’ve never really been a big fan of candy. With that being the case, we usually don’t have too much of it around the house, because I do my best to offer more natural/healthy snack options. But you guys, I had a friend tell me to at least try the Black Forest Gummy Bears and we officially have a new family favorite!!

The flavors are so juicy and delicious, not fake or artificial tasting at all, because they are made with REAL fruit juices. Even the coloring comes from natural plant sources. So while your little people (and you because you won’t be able to say no) are enjoying a new treat, you can feel better about your choice! I love using them as little chore motivators or to keep everyone happy in the car. Annnnd speaking from experience, you are going to want to steal all the strawberry bears out before you share because they are that good! This post is sponsored by Black Forest. All opinions are my own.


Is there anything better than classic timeless jewelry? It is the perfect accessory to just about any look. I love having pieces that I can wear for years and hold a special place in my heart. You guys are always asking what my necklaces are because I honestly wear them daily, so what better time to share the details than Friday Faves! Both of my necklaces that I wear daily (and a few more I rotate) are from Made By Mary. Mary is the sweetest you will ever find, and the special meaning behind her pieces are all so amazing. I love that you can customize to have anything from your babies names, husbands initials, a meaningful date, the sky is the limit, so your piece is truly unique and special to you!

I love them so much that I asked if we could get an exclusive code and for this weekend only you can get 15% off using code WRIGHT15! They make the perfect gift for yourself, mom, sisters, bff, everyone!! So HURRY because it doesn’t last long and these codes are so rare!


In addition to all the gorgeous pieces being on sale with my exclusive code, this incredible jewelry case is as well! It is such a game changer for storing your necklaces without them getting all tangled. I love the clean classic look that it has, just like the jewelry it holds, and that it is so tiny making it perfect for traveling! You can score 15% off of it as well with code WRIGHT15! How cute would it be to get a necklace and the case for a birthday or Mother’s Day Gift?!

Kailee Wright Packing Hawaii

swim suit + flip flops


When Joe and I went to Hawaii, I shared this amazing swim suit find with you. It honestly does not get better than this cut on a swim suit. The lines are so flattering and it hits you in all the right places so you aren’t showing too much bum, but doesn’t flatten the bum either. I love it so so much and apparently you guys did too because they only have it left in a large BUT I just checked the site and they have the most darling pattern available now. I’d even go as far as to say it might be cuter than the blue stripe! I am so excited for it to get here!!


If there was an item in the Friday Faves I wanted to shout from the rooftops, this is it. I feel like it is life changing! I’ve always been kind of “fine” with skipping the primer step because well more work for me. But I stumbled across this gem and cannot believe the difference it makes!! It instantly shrinks all signs of your pores and little fine lines and gives you the smoothest complexion. It helps your makeup not just go on better and smoother, but actually stay where it belongs for longer. I have been using it for a couple of weeks and LOVING the results!


This warm weather has me feeling all sorts of happy! Just feeling the sunshine on my skin is so so good. With warm weather comes all the fun happy nail colors, and if you know me you know white is one of my go to colors. I love that it gives you a clean bright look, but the best party is I feel like it helps you look tanner too. Win win in my book! You can’t go wrong with such a classic!


Last but not least on this slightly random Friday Faves collection are these meal prep containers. If you are just starting out to meal prep, I shared some of my tips over here. Having these containers will simplify things ten fold. They are sturdy enough to reuse, but cheap enough that if you are on the go and just need to trash it, its not the end of the world. I love that they are already sectioned off making it quick and easy to prep things, but not worry about them all mashing together. Such a steal for sanity savers!

Kailee Wright Sweaty Betty

  harper’s leggings + similar tank  ||  my leggings + top + shoes


Is there such thing as too many pairs of leggings?! I’m going to go ahead and give you permission to say no to that! If you know me you know I never pass up a chance to match my little people, so when I saw these leggings it was game over. Does it get any cuter than those little baby legs in leggings?! I think not. Plus the quality of sweaty betty leggings (and all their products) is so good. Buttery soft and such amazing quality!

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Kailee Wright Sweaty Betty

I think that sums up this weeks Friday Faves! I’d love to hear your feedback on these posts and if you think they are helpful! If you have a product of any kind you are loving and is just your go to fave you share with all your girlfriends, I wanna know!! Leave me a comment here or over on Instagram so I can try it out and feature it here too!

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