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On the Go with the Little People


I’m a super organized person, almost to the point of OCD, but that is how I function and with four little people it is the only way I can feel in total control. haha. Being on the go all the time + traveling with littles can be kind of crazy, but if you have the right items to make things simpler, and more organized it can make for a great day or trip!!

I absolutely love our stroller, and having accessories for it is key to helping me get through an entire day. Having a stroller organizer is nice and makes it easy so I don’t have to always reach down in the bottom basket or go through my entire diaper bag to find the items we use a lot. I love that I can have a sippy, snacks and my wallet and keys right there for easy access.

A great diaper bag is a must (for obvious reasons) and I’ve been through my fair share of diaper bags and haven’t ever been a huge fan of the backpack kind because I haven’t been able to find one I really like and that doesn’t weigh a ton!! However, I actually like this one because it’s light enough for me or even Hunter to pack around. And here comes the best part — it has a ton of pockets to keep everything separated and organized. It even has some hidden pockets on the outside which I love!

We travel a lot to Utah to visit family, the beach or we’re out of town a lot for soccer tournaments. I’ve always treated my cars like my home and love for them to be organized + clean as well. (don’t count Joe’s car because that is a different story…) Anyways, a huge tip when we travel with the little people is to have the car full of toys, snacks, books, iPads, games + more AND to have it all easy to reach for them to get things themselves.

Once we’re on the road the little people can help themselves and I don’t ever have to take my eyes off the road to help dig through the diaper bag, so I really love this backseat organizer so the littles can help themselves without needing me. Also, we have always packed some sort of basket full of goodies and toys but I love that Skip Hop actually has a ‘real’ storage box to go in the car. The extra pockets make it nice to help divide up snacks and other things.

Another big tip for when your traveling with a baby is to have a spot in the back seat that’s clear of stuff so if you need you can make a quick diaper change. I always keep this spare changing pad in the back seat and have it just for the car (which has been my saving grace for when we’ve had our “blow out moments”).  Having the back seat clean gives us the extra space which is perfect for those little emergencies! I’d love to hear any of your tips and tricks when traveling with littles or anything that just helps with your day to day errands!! Leave a comment below. Love your guts!!

xx – kails

kailee-wright_skip-hopkailee-wright_skip-hop kailee-wright_skip-hop

stroller organizer

kailee-wright_skip-hop kailee-wright_skip-hop kailee-wright_skip-hopkailee-wright_skip-hopkailee-wright_skip-hop kailee-wright_skip-hop

 backseat organizer


storage box

kailee-wright_skip-hopkailee-wright_skip-hop kailee-wright_skip-hop

changing pad

kailee-wright_skip-hop kailee-wright_skip-hop

in partnership with Skip Hop

photos: corissa ann


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  1. Are you going to be investing in a double stroller when your new little one joins the crew? I’m also expecting and my two LO’s will be 2 years apart. I’m so confused about what I should do!

    1. Oh my congrats!!! Yes!!! I’ve been doing my research for months!! There is two that I am looking at and I can’t decide. They are both totally different and I’d love to try both to see which one I like best. haha. I promise I’ll share when I figure it out.
      xx – k

    1. The first one we used was nuna and it was my favorite ever!! We now switch off between the next step up of the Nuna carseats and the Britax marathon. We have one in each of our cars….so we don’t have to switch.

      Let me know if you need anything else!!

  2. I liked all the help you gave in this blog. I love my stroller accessories and wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have them. But I was just a little shocked and tainted by the photo of your car and little ones car seat being forward facing when he’s so little and young. I just wanted to remind you that it’s so unsafe for him to be forward facing. This was also something I remembered reading and thought I’d share with you
    Children under age 8 and under 57” must be properly secured in a child restraint system. All other children age 8 to 16 or over 57″ must be secured in a properly fitted seat belt. Effective January 1, 2017, children under age 2, and under 40 lbs. or under 40”, must be properly secured in a rear-facing child restraint system

    You’re doing great and I’m so happy for your 5th baby to come into this world!