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Mornings with the Little People


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Today I thought I’d share I little peak into our typical mornings with all the little people. If you know me well, you know when I’m at home I practically I live in my robe + slippers! And if it was socially expectable I’d wear them out as well!!  We have wood floors so and they always seem to be cold –  so slippers are a must have at my house! These grey slippers from Koolaburra by UGG are some of my favorite at the moment!! They are amazingly soft + comfortable and I never want to take them off my feet! And yes I do wear them occasionally to the school pick up line. haha.

So a normal morning at our house including eating (and spilling) lots of cereal. I swear my little people can go through an entire bag of cereal a day!! Also, if I didn’t finishing packing the diaper bag the night before I usually have a helper wanting to cram as many snack as humanly possible into the diaper bag! haha. You can read the reason why I pack our diaper bag the night before HERE.

The kids have learned to pack their own lunches and I have learned to keep the lunchpail’s + everything else for lunches in a low cupboard (organized in different bins) so the kids can easily reach everything themselves. This has been a huge help with them feeling older and more responsible and me knowing exactly what they are packing for lunch. Usually after the big kids are off to school – and hopefully on time (haha) I will try and spend about 10-15 minutes reading to Houston before his nap. This Saturday we are lucky enough to have Joe home, and to have the extra help was so nice + Hudson is currently in the stage of loving to read to Houston…which melts my heart!!

What does your typically morning routine look like? I would love to hear and please tell me I’m not the only robe + slipper loving mama?!!

xx – kails




rugs here and here + grey slippers


in partnership with Koolaburra by UGG

photos: corissa ann


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  1. I know this is an older post but what snacks do you use for the older kids to pack their own lunches, I need some ideas haha

    1. oh man…my kids are always changing.
      they like gold fish, strawberries + dip, cheese, costco muffins, granola bars… hope that helps.