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So I’ve been trying to find some really good maternity jeans for this last pregnancy. I feel like I’ve really struggled to find some that fit right and that I really just love. But now I finally have!! So I wanted to share some of my favorite maternity jeans that I found with you. I’m hoping to do a more detailed post soon, but for now, I’ve gathered some of my current favorites that I own for you below!


I just discovered Madewell’s maternity jeans and I absolutely love them! They fit perfectly and are just the right amount of stretchy and so great for running around with the kids! I just out this pair and absolutely love them! They still look like skinny jeans even for being maternity and they go under you belly!! I also got these and love them as well. They don’t fall off the the elastic around the waste is amazing.

Let me know if you have any favorite maternity brands or items you can’t live without. I’d love to know and try a few more out before I do a detailed post!! Thanks so much loves!

xx – kails

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photos:  corissa ann


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  1. Hey Kailee,

    Where are your little man’s shoes from? I love them and would love to pick up a pair for my little man. 🙂