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Harper’s Big Girl Room

Harper's big girl Room Reveal

harper: similar dress + bracelets  ||  me: similar dress + here + boots + bracelets
room: similar mirror + side table + chair + pillow + planter

You can tell Harper is my baby and I can’t stand how fast she is growing up, because I put off this big girl room redo for a long as possible. I just wasn’t ready to be done with my last nursery!! But that being said, putting together this room design update was so fun! Since Harper was a little bit older, she was able to help pick out and have a say in a lot more of the room! I hope you love it as much as we do!

Harper's big girl Room Reveal

bed + mattress  ||  art  ||  bedding: sheet + white fuzzy pillow + white flower pillow + similar stripe pillow + solid pillowbunny + similar throw + pink rolled blanket

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve seen Harper’s nursery! You are probably recognizing a lot of the same pieces in her big girl room. Which brings me to my biggest tip of designing rooms in your house. KEEP IT SIMPLE!! You don’t need to go and spend thousands of dollars on making everything 100% all new! Shop your house first! Everything you see in Harper’s room except for her new big girl bed and sheets came from somewhere else in our house. The chair, side table, dresser, mirror, and art were already part of her nursery. I shopped the rest of my house for some extras. I grabbed pillows, blankets, and plants to give it some more texture and patterns. A room update does not have to be hard or expensive if you go about it the right way, but can still have a big impact!

Harper's big girl Room Reveal

similar mirror + side table + chair + pillow + planter

Harper's big girl Room Reveal

One thing we did update was her mattress. Over on Instagram you saw the poor girl was sleeping on a mattress on the floor for months!! But if you ask my other kids, she is the luckiest because it is such a dreamy mattress! We wanted something that was good quality and would last for years but also be so comfortable so of course we went with Cariloha! It is amazing you guys! The big kids are all jealous and asking when they get to upgrade theirs too! We have their towels and sheets and love them all! You can use code KW to save too!

Harper's big girl Room Reveal

dresser  |  similar woven basket + similar faux fiddle solid basket  |  wallpaper (KAILEE20 for 20% off)

One of the biggest changes we made to Harper’s Big Girl Room was this fun new wallpaper accent wall! I searched high and low for something I loved and just couldn’t find it. I reached out to indigo design about working together and they were all in! Harper and I were able to pick out colors and design this fun new print with them, officially named Harper Pink Dots! I love that it adds a fun pop to the space and keeps it a little more kid room styled, but is still muted colors so it isn’t out of control. And it is removable! So I don’t have to worry about it when we finish the new build down the road.

If you are in the market for a fun way to add some personality to your room without the crazy commitment of actual wallpaper or paint, you NEED indigo design. Not only were they amazing to work with, the quality is so good! You can order samples until you figure out exactly what you want, and they help with all the technical stuff making it a super easy diy! Plus you can use code KAILEE20 to save as well!

Harper's big girl Room Reveal

. . . 

I hope you love these fun updates as much as we do! And that you realize you can easily update your space on a small budget by thinking outside the box and shopping what you already have!!


PS- stay tuned for a FUN giveaway with Indigo Design coming soon!!

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