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Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

kailee wright kids gift guide

hudson’s pajamas  ||  hayden’s pajamas

Happy Tuesday! We are back and so excited to have another Gift Guide to share with you! This one is all about the KIDS! It is full of amazing gift ideas for both boys + girls that I think your kids are going to love!! Some are things Hayden + Hudson are obsessed with, and some are things they are begging for this year! I hope you love are kids gift guide roundup!

kailee wright best kids gifts

maileg mouse  |  doll house  |  tumbling mat  |  bracelets  |  kiwico crates  |  skateboard  |  rc car  |  cinemood    walkie talkies  |  echo  |  fort building kit  |  gabb phone

:: maileg mouse

Are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen?! There are so many darling varieties and I know Hayden is going to flip! I think they would be so fun to play with in the dollhouse below, and love their little boxes so you could travel with them as well.

:: doll house

I am DYING over how darling this dollhouse is! I love that is so clean, simple, and modern that I would want it out in my house, and not overly bright and cheesy. Dollhouses are so fun because they are so open ended for imaginative play.

:: tumbling mat 

Hayden has this tumbling mat and all my kids use it and love it! It is great for practicing her tricks, but honestly they all just love to try new things and make up dances and games on it too.

:: bracelets 

If you know me you know I’m obsessed with these bracelets! So when I saw they made them in little girl sizes you know we had to match! My girls are going to flip over being “fancy”, but I love that they are waterproof, soundless, and basically unbreakable. Very kid friendly! You can use code KAILEEWRIGHT15 for 15% off too!

Kailee Wright Kiwi Co boxes

:: kiwico crates

We have had a KiwiCo crate subscription for all of the kids for a couple of years now, and the day they come is still our favorite day of the month. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are a kid subscription box that follow the S.T.E.A.M method. I absolutely LOVE that they help my kids learn, be more creative, and use their imaginations. The boxes are separated by different age groups and all of my kids love them and have so much fun with them. They are SUCH a great gift idea they will love all year long. You can use code KAILEE to get 50% off your first month!

:: electric skateboard 

My assistant got these for her boys last year and they are SO much fun!! They love to cruise around on them and it just takes it up a notch from a regular skateboard and gives them that speed they love. You will be shocked at how quick your kids catch on to the balance and skills needed to ride and they will love them!

::  wall climbing rc car 

Hudson has been dying to have one of these. It is the fun of your normal remote control car taken to a whole new level because it can climb up your walls and basically doesn’t care about gravity. Haha! I am pretty sure he and Joe will both be playing with it constantly.

kailee wright kids gift guide

::  cinemood projector  

This is a gift I got for my kids last year that we have used a TON! It is a little mini portable projector!! You can hook it up to your netflix or disney + account and stream shows, it comes with a lot of kid friendly content pre-loaded, and it even has a VR feature with games to play. They love it and I love that it gets the family involved. Use code LOVEKAILEE for $50 off!

::  walkie talkies 

Walkie talkies are such a classic toy that I just think screams imagination. Whether they are playing a made up game or talking to each other across the yard they are just so fun!!

:: echo 

We have these echos for all of the kid rooms in our house and have loved them! It is great for me to easily be able to talk to them or wake them up in the mornings. They love it because it is a way to reach me upstairs, but they can also have music and other fun features!

:: fort building kit 

Next up is this fort building kit!! If you can’t tell from above, I love open ended toys that really make them use their brains and imagination, and this kit screams that! My kids could play with it for hours coming up with all different creations. And it is such a great price point too for hours of fun!

:: gabb phone

Last but definitely not least is this gabb phone. Think iphone looks, but kid safe quality. The gabb phone gives you the look of a smart phone, but keeps apps very limited, with only phone calls and texts… no social media or gaming apps. And the new model now comes with gps tracking too! We absolutely love ours!! You can use code KAILEE10 for $10 off!

. . .

kailee wright kids gift guide

Hopefully all these ideas help spark something perfect for all the kids on your list!! We had so much fun putting it together for you and hearing all your fun ideas!


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Coming later this week: Men’s, In-laws + parents, women + more!

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