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Holiday Gift Guide: Teen

kailee wright best teen gifts

hunter’s jogger set  ||  nightstand + rug

Since it is this gorgeous girls birthday, we thought it would be the perfect reason for her to start the holidays off for us with the ultimate TEEN GIFT GUIDE! These are things she has and already absolutely loves or things that are on her birthday/Christmas list she is hoping for! So for another Teen Takeover, here is Hunter and her must have TEEN GIFT GUIDE!

kailee wright best teen gifts

cozys blankets  |  puravida ring or bracelet  |  airpods  |  loopy case  |  backpack  |  comfy sweats  |  razor  |  dr martens  |  face wash babe lash 

:: cozys blankets 

Is there anything better than a super comfy blanket? Ah I just love them! Harper + Houston have the cutest pajamas from this brand, and they make blankets too! I am dying to get one this year. They have lots of cute patterns like tie-dye and stripes. You can use my mom’s code KAILEE15 for 15% off anything on the site!

:: puravida ring + bracelets

If you have read pretty much any of my other teen takeover posts, you know I love puravida bracelets. They are just such a cute simple way to show your personality and add some color to your outfit. If it were up to me and my friends, you could never have too many of these, so they for sure make my teen gift guide top picks. And the rings they have are so cute too!

:: airpods

Airpods definitely make my list of top teen wishes. They are so nice to have to just listen to music while you are working out or hanging out. I think they are a gift idea that would be used a ton and for sure a favorite!

:: loopy case

If your teen has a phone you have got to get them a loopy case!! I absolutely love mine! They make it so easy to carry your phone when you have your hands full, and I don’t stress as much about dropping my phone either! I love that they have so many different colors, patterns, and loop colors to match your personality. You can use code KAILEE10 for 10% off one or KAILEE15 for 15% off 2 or more.

:: fjallraven backpack

This backpack is for sure at the top of my list, and so popular with for a teen right now. I just love the style of them and that they come in like a million colors!

kailee wright best teen gifts

hunter’s jogger set  ||  planter + wreath 

:: sweats 

If I could live in sweats I totally would, so I am loving that they are really in right now, even for wearing to school and stuff. I love the more jogger style like these because they are still a little fitted.

:: dr martens

Dr. Martens are so popular right now and I LOVE them!! The boot style is my very favorite, especially in white. I just love the contrast and the chunky look.

:: billie razor 

My mom worked with this brand about a month ago, so I got to try one of their razors. They are so awesome!! It doesn’t even feel like you are shaving because they are so smooth. And they come in some cute colors too. I think it would make an awesome stocking stuffer or something like that.

:: tula face wash

I’ve been using this face wash for a year or so now and really like it. It helps with any breakouts but doesn’t make your face feel all dry and blah like a lot of face washes do. You can use code KAILEE to save 15% off too.

:: babe lash

Last but for sure not least is this lash serum. My mom has been using it on her lashes and they look so good!! I cannot wait to try it and see my results. It is super easy to use and I love that it makes your lashes look even better with just mascara.Such a great gift idea for a teen that is just getting into makeup and wants longer lashes.  KAILEE20 gets you 20% off. 

kailee wright best teen gifts

I hope this fun TEEN gift guide helps you find the perfect gift ideas!! Stay tuned for the rest of our gift guides for your whole family coming next week, and check out more teen gift suggestions from you guys below!


:: polaroid camera with printer  – I have one of these cameras and LOVE it! Being able to print your own photos to decorate your room with or have around is so much fun too!

:: purse or wallet with gift cards – I love this idea! Having gift cards to be able to go out and grab a cookie or soda with my friends is so fun. This bag is so cute!!

:: room decor – I am pretty sure it is safe to say all teens love to be able to decorate their own space with their style. A couple of your ideas were string lights (dying to get some of these), a hanging chair ( I love mine!), planters/plants, light projector, or some cozy blankets.

:: gel nail light + polish – This is such a good idea! I use my mom’s all the time and love doing them with friends. This is the light we have and the polish we think works best.

:: gel pens + a journal – I love to doodle so I thought this was such a fun idea. Gel pens are always fun. The journal suggestions were this one and this one.

:: makeup + perfume – I love getting new makeup to try, even though I only use the basics so far. Something like my favorite lip gloss or mascara would be a great idea for a teen. Perfume is another fun one lots suggested.

:: dyson blow dryer dupe – I didn’t even know this existed but I’ve always wanted to try the expensive one. I would love this blow dryer as a gift and think most teens would!

:: shopping or spa day – um yes please!! Going shopping with my mom or getting a mani/pedi would be something I would LOVE!

:: graphic tees – you know my mom and I are obsessed with graphic tees. I love cute band styles like this one or city ones like this one.

:: lululemon anything – you know I won’t say no to this one. I’ve tried a few of my moms tanks and LOVE them. They have cute biker shorts I have my eye on too.

:: music subscription – I love listening to my music and being able to download my favorites. A subscription like apple, amazon, or spotify would be a great gift.

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  1. Hi! I’m looking at getting a camera for my 13 yr old daughter. What do you love about the INSTAx Polaroid camera and did you compare it to canons version before you bought it?


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