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Simplifying Your Holiday Decor

Kailee Wright Chirstmas decorations gatehouse

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As soon as the temperatures drop around here, I feel like just snuggling up and enjoying my Christmas decor, and maybe never leaving my house again. Haha! I love how holiday decor can make your house feel so inviting and cozy. While these pictures are from last year, I am already starting my decorating because I want it to last forever! Ha! But honestly, it is one of my very favorite times of year, and I wish it lasted a few weeks longer!

Which brings me to the great debate. Are you a pre-Thanksgiving or post Thanksgiving decorator. I have no shame in admitting I want everything up within a day or two of Halloween!! It is just so magical I want to enjoy it for as long as possible So with that in mind, I thought it would be fun to share some ways you can decorate your home for the holidays while keeping it simple and affordable!

Kailee Wright Chirstmas decorations anthropologie stockings


Stockings are such a simple, quick, and easy way to bring the holiday decor into your home. Who doesn’t love a festive mantle?! I am loving how many cute simple options there are this year!! It was hard to narrow down my favorites!


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Kailee Wright Chirstmas decorations garland


Christmas Garlands might just be one of my favorite parts of Christmas Decor. For me they are right up there with my actual Christmas Tree. I love having plants and greenery throughout my home, so a garland adds to that same feel with a festive flare. Depending on how fancy you want to go, you can find garlands for a steal! Costco sells one that I’ve had friends rave about so that is a quick and easy option. Mine is from Gatehouse.  I love that I was able to kind of create my own by choosing the greenery and then adding the berries and ribbon.


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Kailee Wright Chirstmas decorations gatehouse


When it comes to holiday decor, over doing it on the accessories can happen fast. There are just so many different themes + options out there that are so good, it is hard to not want to incorporate them all. If I can give you one tip to simplifying your holiday decor, it would be to simplify your accessories. For me, I stick to lots of greenery, a simple neutral color palette, and these custom Santa’s throughout the room. They bring a fun magical touch, but aren’t over bearing or taking away from my every day style. Your holiday decor style should mirror your every day home decor.


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I love holiday decor and just the feeling it brings to your home. I hope these tips were helpful to bring a little bit of the magic in to your home without the dreaded clutter we sometimes pair with it. I’d love to know your favorite things to decorate with during the holiday season!

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