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How to Organize Your Fridge Like a Pro

Kailee Wright Fridge

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One of the most commonly used storage spaces in our homes can tend to be overlooked when it comes to organization and making things look neat and clean.  Any guesses?! It is the refrigerator!  It is constantly being opened and looked through. The stock inside is constantly changing. So why aren’t we making sure that the organizational systems inside not only work functionally but also look beautiful?  It’s totally doable and you’ll love the results, so today  I’m going to give you a few tips on just how to do that. 

Kailee Wright Fridge


This tip is going to make the biggest difference when it comes to how your fridge looks.  If you’re going for that “WOW!”, Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous sort of fridge, you’ve got to get rid of ugly packaging.  I really love to use a reusable clear egg carton and ceramic or reusable berry baskets for fruits and veggies (this is also helpful because we can wash our fruits and veggies in them and store them beautifully.  Anything that must stay in its packaging, I contain in a labeled plastic fridge bin.  Which leads me to my next tip…


What are you or your kids frequently grabbing out of the fridge?  If you’re always grabbing sandwich ingredients like sliced cheese, lettuce, mayo, pickles, and mustard, consider making a sandwich basket so that it’s all in one place and easy to grab.  Another great option for concealing things that don’t look clean and uniform is to make a condiment caddy that has a handle so you can easily take it in and out when necessary.  


Did you know that you can use expandable drawer dividers in fridge drawers as well as regular drawers?  This is seriously a game changer for fridge organization because drawer space can tend to be pretty minimal.  Now you can separate one drawer into two or three compartments and organize and separate items according to what you like to keep on hand.


Lastly, if you keep multiples of cans, jars, or cartons, make sure they’re in a line with the first  to be used at the front and that all labels and handles are facing the same direction.  Water bottles look so much better when they’re taken out of their packaging and placed in rows, all facing the same direction or in something like this to contain them.  It makes a big difference and is a perfect chore for little ones.


. . . 

I hope these tips are super helpful and have you feeling like an organization pro! Make sure you tag me if you organize your refrigerator using these tips and tricks, I can’t wait to see! 

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