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Investing in Quality Bedding

Kailee Wright Cariloha tips for a more restful sleep

similar set here + here  ||  sheets + pillows ( code: KAILEE20)  ||  bed + art + nightstand

When you’re trying to keep all of the items in your home down to quality necessities, it can be overwhelming at where to begin.  The idea of spending an arm and a leg on household goods, whether it be decor or necessities  is a lot!  But I think a great way of looking at it is, if you use it every day – get the good stuff.  This absolutely applies to sheets, pillows, and towels.  Your bed should be a priority when it comes to high quality, soft, comfortable sheets and blankets and the same goes for towels.  No one likes a scratchy towel!  And since I’ve done all the searching for you,I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share my favorite sheets, blankets, and pillows with you!

Without sounding dramatic, I will tell you that each of these products will change your life, for real.  I’m absolutely obsessed.  And guess what?  They’re all from the same company, Cariloha. Cariloha is SUCH a game changer when it comes to products around your home. Their fabrics are sustainable and made of bamboo so they’re amazing for the environment and super, super soft.  Seriously, they’re softer than 1,000 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets! So let’s talk details! 

Kailee Wright Cariloha tips for a more restful sleep

similar set here + here  ||  sheets + pillows ( code KAILEE20 for 20% off)  ||  bed + art + nightstand + rug


I never used to think that quality sheets made a difference at all. I would buy your average sheets and cheap pillow because you are just sleeping on it. But news flash Kailee, if you get 8 hours of sleep, that means the average person is SLEEPING for 1/3 OF THEIR LIFE! So that is probably far and above enough time to invest in the products that you are using. 

We recently got the duvet comforter and resort sheets and I swear it is like sleeping on a cloud. The comforter has a nice weight to it to give you that hugged feeling, but is so light and breezy at the same time so you won’t get hot. Cariloha sheets have been a dream come true (literally) for me when it comes to good quality sleep. Their products are made completely from bamboo and are the softest things you’ll ever try. If you’ve been around here for awhile you know I first fell in love with their towels, which I will talk about in a minute. So I knew if the towels were that good,  the bedding was going to be amazing.

Another thing to know about me, is that I am always freezing from about November-March. Having lots of cozy blankets around the house is a must. These blankets from Cariloha are so so soft. It has the look of your typical throw blanket, a great accent piece in your home design, but is made with extra thick yarn to give it a more plush cozy feel. I love the idea of gifting this blanket with your favorite candle or book to a girlfriend!

I promise you these are the 5 star hotel quality dreamy sheets you wished you had at home! Now on to the pillows! 

. . . 

houston’s pajamas  ||  my similar jeans + hat  ||  pillows (code KAILEE20 for  20% off)


If you are tired of pillows being too stiff or too soft, this is the pillow for you. It is 100% customizable to your exact firmness desires. The inside “filling” of the pillow is made of bamboo charcoal memory foam. This filling can be removed to achieve your desired firmness. Joe has his all the way full, and I took out about 1/2. We love them so much we gifted them to our family for Christmas and they are all just as obsessed. Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper they are INCREDIBLE!

Kailee Wright Cariloha tips for a more restful sleep

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Kailee Wright Cariloha towels

similar top  |  jeans  |  belt  ||  towels (KAILEE20 for 20% off ) + baskets


Last but not least are the coziest towels you will ever find. Thanks to the bamboo material, they are odor resistant too. Which means no more musky stinky towels!  I had to buy more of these because my kids kept stealing them out of my bathroom. Their neutral, simplistic color selection is so relaxing and gorgeous, you really can’t go wrong.

Kailee Wright Cariloha towels
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If you are in the market for any new bedding, pillows, towels, or even a mattress, you can use code KAILEE20 to get 20% off anything on the site!  I promise you and your many hours of sleep will thank me later!

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