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Teen Takeover: Journaling the Move

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hey guys, it’s hunter just going to update you on the move and how I’m feeling about it all! you guys have been so sweet to check in on me and ask my mom how i’m doing. i’ve had friends here who have helped me feel comfortable and it’s overall been a positive thing for me, but i still have hard days. so today on the blog i’m wanting to just share all my thoughts and give you an update with how i’ve navigated my new school, friends, sports teams, etc.


getting asked to junior prom


I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard. but it has gotten easier with time and the kind of situations i’ve had to put myself in. situations that have required me to be myself and grow into a better person. i’ve had time to reflect on myself and honestly improve myself a lot more down here than when I was living up north. i’ve been able to learn and realize things that I wouldn’t have learned up north.

i still have hard nights and those suck really bad. i bottle up all my feelings and i eventually just have to let it all out. i usually go somewhere private to cry so my siblings don’t see. i want to be strong for them. but at the same time, i’ve learned that it’s okay to not always be strong. so that’s something i’m still working on.

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i’ve met some friends which has been fun. i’m not close close with any of them yet, but i have a big friend group so that has totally helped me adjust here and feel like a normal teenager. i really miss my girlfriends up north so much. i was so close with them all. so that’s been one of the hardest parts, but i still talk and text with them.

i have been going on a lot of dates and dances, so that has been so much fun. there are more dances in st. george than there was up north so that has been so fun for me. i’ve been meeting new people every single day and that’s what i thrive off of! i’ve really enjoyed the social scene down here in st. george. i’ve met this one boy and he honestly makes me so happy. i love being around him because he treats me so well. my life totally feels like a movie, being the new girl and everything!


i feel like school down here is much easier. i got a 4.0 this quarter so i’m really proud of myself! i’ve also sparked some new interests since moving down here. i’m thinking of trying track so we’ll see what happens. i really think this move has made me realize who i want to be and what i deserve as a person.

soccer is going really well. it’s a little different than up north because i feel like i play at a faster pace than some of the other girls but that’s okay. it’s been so fun doing what i love and becoming friends with my teammates.

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hudson and i have gotten so close since moving to st. george! we always do sibling nights where we just talk, get ice cream, or go to target. i make him dance with me because i’m in a social dance class, i’m sure you’ve seen my mom show that on her stories. but it’s been so fun spending more time with hudson, he is such a sweet brother and i’m lucky to have him.

. . .

thanks for reading! no doubt that the move has been hard for me, but it’s getting easier and i’m so happy to be in st. george!

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