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Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Kailee Wright last minute stocking stuffer ideas

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T-minus one week until Christmas Eve and I can’t even stand it!! The excitement level in our house is out of control, and I’m not gonna lie, it’s not just the little people! When it comes to Christmas shopping, I always try to be really on top of it and can usually wrap things up with all the Black Friday Sales. But every year, stocking stuffers seem to creep up on me. I don’t know why but I always seem to leave them to the last minute. Since I’m sure I’m not alone, I’ve rounded up some of the best stocking stuffers out there for everyone in your family, and BONUS they are almost all on sale + ship free!

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  • Freshly Picked Moccs : You know I love ALL things Freshly Picked, so some of their moccs always find their way into my babes stockings! They are amazing quality and the cutest colors/styles.
  • Bath Toys + Color Drops : These are always a big favorite for the littles. They could play in the bath tub all day if I let them, espeically if its a fun color from these little drops! I love these little squirting animals and I know Houston is going to die over this bath tub basketball set.
  • Playdoh : You can’t go wrong with Playdoh! I love that it can keep my kids entertained for hours and helps them use their imaginations.
  • Goldfish Crackers : The babies are constant snackers, so one of their favorite treats is always a must in their stocking!
  • Hot Wheels Cars : Houston is 100% at that age where he is obsessed with alllll the little cars. I love that these sets of 5 are inexpensive and he will die over them.

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  • Scrunchies : Can I just say how much I love that these are all the rage again? It is taking me right back to my childhood. I love these velvet ones and the amazing color options!
  • LipSmackers : Another flashback to my childhood! I used to collect these and had so many different flavors. Haha. I know Hayden would die over having them too!
  • Sports Bra : Yes you read that right. Haha. For some unknown reason, Hayden is dying to have a sports bra. So you better believe that when I found this one for only $4, it is definitely going in her stocking. Haha! I love getting necessities like that or undies + socks for stockings.
  • LOL Dolls : If you know Hayden, then I’m sure you knew these would make an appearance here! Like most little girls out there, she can’t get enough of them and they are the perfect size for a stocking.
  • Bath Bombs : Just like my babies, Hayden loves to spend time in the bath. They can’t get enough of the fun these bath bombs and, and they smell so good too!

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Kailee Wright last minute stocking stuffer ideas


  • Magic Card Trick Set : When I saw this it had Hudson written all over it. He loves things that really challenge his mind. Plus what little boy doesn’t love tricking people?!
  • Socks : Kind of a boring one, but I always try to put some necessities in their stockings too. And we love this brand of socks in our house!
  • Nerf Guns : These little nerf guns are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. I’ll probably even put one in Joe + Houston’s too so they can all play!
  • Boxing Reflex Ball : This one is allll Joe’s idea, but he is so excited about it. It is a little contraption that teaches hand eye coordination and is amazing for athletes. I’m not going to lie it does look kind of cool…and crazy hard!
  • Batting Glove : It wouldn’t be a holiday for Hudson without something baseball related. I love getting just a new ball or a batting glove to add as one of his stocking stuffers.

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  • Lip Gloss : I’ve shared here before, but Hunter is 100% at the stage where she is dying to wear makeup. I’m not ready to go all in, but I’m ok with starting slow with some lip gloss! I love all things MAC and this set comes in a few different color options!
  • Beanie : It is no secret my girls and I have a love for beanies! We are always freezing, plus they make a great assist to not having to fully do your hair when you just don’t have time! They are for sure my favorite winter accessory, and you can’t beat $6!
  • Gel Nail Polish : Hunter LOVES having her nails done. Our favorite gel polish and the top coat are on sale right now so I’m snagging some of those for sure!
  • Face Wash : Along with all the fun stuff of tween/teen life, also comes the wild skin. I was actually so excited to get Hunter started on my favorites from Tula, starting with the face wash. If you are quick, I think you can still order in time for Christmas on their website with code KAILEE for 20% off! If shipping won’t make it, you can also get Tula products here!
  • Hair Color Shampoo : My girls are both SO obsessed with this stuff. Something about having pink hair is the best! Haha! I will say it is pretty fun and something I would’ve loved as a kid too.

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Kailee Wright womens Chirstmas gift guide


  • Jewelry : I would not be mad if “santa” snuck some of my favorite jewelry in my stocking! I love simple high quality pieces like this ring or bracelet.
  • Slippers : You can’t go wrong with some comfy slippers. These are my very favorites and could be folded up to fit just perfect in your stocking!
  • Tula : Just like for Hunter, I would not be mad if my whole stocking was Tula goodness. From the cleanser, to the toner, to the moisturizer, you can’t go wrong! If you shop quick you can use my code (KAILEE) for 20% off on their website, or shop without the code here for quicker shipping.
  • Workout Clothes : Who says clothes are too big for a stocking? I love the idea of rolling up a cute pair of leggings + a sports bra or tank for a girls stocking stuffers!
  • Lip Scrub : This lip scrub is one of my go to girlfriend gifts because I can’t get enough of it! It would make the perfect stocking stuffer addition too!

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Kailee Wright mens gift guide


  • Amazon Fire Stick : This little gadget is SO convenient if you stream most of your shows. Whether you use Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix, you can access all of them through this so it is a game changer. I love that you can swap it out to different tv’s and even take it with you when you travel!
  • Hydro Flask : These water bottles are a family favorite and the perfect gift for your guy. They keep your drinks icy cold for hours!
  • Portable Charger : This is 100% the gift that keeps on giving. I have it in the men’s idea, but it is the one gift that I think just about everyone out there would love. It can charge your phone I think 6 times before needing a recharge, so it has saved us so many times!
  • Bluetooth Ear Phones : These headphones are such great quality at an amazing price!! If you don’t believe me, check out the 5000+ reviews!! I love that they will be so used and make a great stocking stuffer!
  • Wallet : Also one of my favorite stocking stuffers for Joe is a new wallet with gift cards to his favorite restaurants or the movies. Such a simple way to amp up a gift card so it feels a little more special.

I hope some of these ideas help solve your stocking stuffer needs! For more awesome ideas, you can check out our gift guides!!



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