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Life Update: A Whole Year in St. George

It’s been a while since I’ve done a life update, so we have a lot to cover today. In just a few weeks, we will celebrate our one-year anniversary of moving to St. George. This year has flown by, and despite all the ups and downs, the unknowns and the hardships it has by far been the absolute BEST thing for our entire family. And I would hands down go through it all again!

Life Update: Harper's Birthday



The biggest question is when we are moving into the house!! The date keeps changing, but the builders are trying to be very cautious as to not get our hopes up. So right now, the date is the middle of March. Honestly right now I think it will be sooner, but you never know because different things can get held up.

As of today, cabinets are in so basically, we’ve got countertops, appliances, lights, and finish work, including carpet. They also need to do the retaining walls so that we can finish the yard. But other than that, it is looking amazing! Every time I go over to the house, I get so excited just about the extra bathrooms and storage. Honestly, nothing else really matters right now, even though it is a beautiful house! Haha.

Life Update: House Update


Another life update most of you are asking for is, what did we do with the lot we bought next to my parents. We still have it and we will eventually build on it!! When? We’re not entirely sure. The fact that we will soon have a house that fits our family better and will allow us to entertain family + friends there’s now no rush. We will just take it month by month. The plans are done and ready to go but we want to be in a better position financially before we start.


Joe officially started work on January 1st and it has been smooth sailing since then. To be completely transparent, it has been an adjustment for all of us. Having him home for eight months with such a blessing and the kids and I absolutely loved having him be a part of every single minute of our day. The first week was a little rough as we all missed him. But he is thriving and absolutely loving his job which we are thrilled about.

harper’s dress + headband


Harper just turned seven and it actually wasn’t as rough as it has been in past years. She’s our baby and the last one to have a birthday as all of the birthdays are in the fall. For some reason it’s been a trigger as I realize everybody is a year older, and we are getting further and further away from the baby stage. I personally have always loved having babies, so to close that chapter of my life has been very emotional for me. I continue to find the blessings in the good. Every year I get to watch them grow older. And that’s the most important thing.


The kids are all doing great and thriving. Hunter has too many friends that she never knows who to hang out with, currently has two jobs, and is still doing soccer. Hudson is practicing with the high school baseball team as an eighth grader which has been such a cool experience for him. Hayden is thriving and cheer and in full-blown competition mode! Houston actually isn’t in a sport right now (which is nice), but should be starting baseball and soccer in the next few months. He is our little smarty-pants and has just learned all of his multiplication as a second grader. Harper is still in dance and gymnastics. She will have her very first dance performance later in the spring, and she is so ecstatic about it!

hunter’s skirt + boots || my jacket + similar jeans


This year has been full of family parties, reconnecting with old friends, Sunday family dinners on both sides, so many cousins, and opportunities that we have missed out on the past 15 years. I find myself cry multiple times a month because I am just so beyond grateful to be here surrounded by so many family members and memories. The fact that our kids get to grow up where we grew up is something that is not lost on me.

. . .

We’ve been doing this blogging/online thing for 13 years!! It’s wild that some of you have grown up with us! You’ve watched us move a million times, been here when we lost so many babies, and also had our last 3 little people. We are so grateful for the friendships over the years, the daily support and the sweet messages + moments you share with us. We are all in this together and we love connecting with you!!

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  1. I adore your family and treasure your posts and updates. I have learned countless tips and added many wonderful products to my life. You are the sweetest and most sincere blogger. I count you as a cherished friend!


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