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#MomGoals + What It Means to Me

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure

top  |  jeans  |  harper  diaper + headband  |  rug  |  dresser  |  planter basket 

We’ve all seen #momgoals around the internet. It has never been something I really liked. Whenever I’ve seen it, it is celebrating glimpses of life that to other moms can seem unattainable. It highlights things like being skinny right after having a baby or having the most Pinterest -worthy 1st birthday party. Now, I’m not saying those things aren’t worth being proud of, but today I want to talk to you about a movement I think we can all celebrate and get on board with – its called #PureGoals.

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure

glider  |  rug  |  diapers  |  headband

A couple months ago, I let you know I have teamed up with Pampers Pure, to share  their new Pampers Pure Diapers + Wipe Collection. But more importantly, I have joined them to celebrate their message, a movement called #PureGoals. #PureGoals celebrates every mom who fights day in and day out to get the best for their children.

To me, every single one of us are #PureGoals, especially in our little people’s eyes. It is putting your people first + sacrificing daily for their good. For me personally, it is staying up late and waking up super early so I can get my work done. Doing that makes it possible for me to give my people my focus + attention during the day. It is being a taxi driver, with cranky babies so my big kids can be on the sports teams they want and progress towards their goals.

For you it might be making all your own baby food from scratch so you can give your babies the best. Or maybe it is staying up all night bedazzling a dance costume, or perfecting a science project. Every single one of us has different challenges + our days all look a little different. Nevertheless, to your kids, you are #PureGoals every minute and we want to celebrate each of you.

I love having this community and feel like you are all part of my tribe. You have helped me through everything from yogurt flavors to baby eczema and all the in-between. I hope you’ll join our #PureTribe and know you are all goals!

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure

dresser  |  changing pad  |  rug  |  similar small basket  |  planter basket

Kailee Wright Pampers PureKailee Wright Pampers PureKailee Wright Pampers PureKailee Wright Pampers Pure

top  |  jeans  |  houston + harper diapers  | rug

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure

In Partnership with Pampers Pure

photos : aubrey taiese 


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