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Our Travel Guide: Jamaica

kailee wright Sandals Montego Bay Resort Jamaica

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As I’m sure you all saw, a week ago we celebrated my birthday! Rewind a month or so before that, and Joe told me he was taking me on a surprise KIDS FREE birthday getaway! You guys, I was dying!! The only clue he would give me was it was somewhere warm with a beach! He kept it a complete secret until we got to the gate for our second flight and I saw the sign for Jamaica!! I would’ve never guessed! It was such a dream trip and exactly the little getaway together that we needed. I shared a little bit on my stories and had so many more questions, so today I’m giving you a little recap of our trip to Jamaica!

kailee wright Sandals Montego Bay Resort Jamaica

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The resort we stayed at is called Sandals at Montego Bay. This is probably the question I got the most, because as the pictures show, it is seriously breathtaking! All of the resorts on the island are all inclusive, because the island itself doesn’t really have any restaurants or touristy life. This was the first time we have ever stayed at an all inclusive resort, and wow, you are so spoiled!! It started with our arrival. It is super close to the airport, so when you book your stay, you give them your flight details and they make all the arrangements to pick you up and take you to the airport.

kailee wright Sandals Montego Bay Resort Jamaica

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Once we arrived, they let us know we had a private butler! Talk about a busy moms dream come true. Haha!! They would meet your every need, sometimes before you even thought of it! If you wanted your suitcase unpacked and put away, they were on it. Your bed turned down or a bath drawn for when you got back to your room, done. You could even specify times that you wanted drinks sent to your room. We don’t drink so I had my daily lemonade, but I can see how that would be super convenient if you did, as it is all part of the room price.

kailee wright Sandals Montego Bay Resort Jamaica

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Our room was AMAZING. It had a private walkout patio area that went straight out into the pool, which was perfect for just taking a quick dip and still being secluded. From the pool, you could then walk straight out to the beach where you could lay on the sand, or they had private little over the water cabanas with beds in them. I could’ve stayed there the whole trip!

kailee wright Sandals Montego Bay Resort Jamaica

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As far as activities go, they thought of EVERYTHING! You could go sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, skiing, tubing, and even on a glass bottom boat tour, all free. We did the kayaking and loved how calm and gorgeous the water was.

kailee wright Sandals Montego Bay Resort Jamaica



They also had some custom events you could pay extra for. Our favorite was a birthday dinner on the beach. They seated us  at our own little table, so we were completely secluded and we even got to customize the menu. It was the perfect night and really just felt like a dream date!

We spent most of the time we were there just relaxing by the pool + on the beach, but we did go out for one excursion and absolutely loved it. A shuttle took us about an hour and a half to a place called Mystic Mountain. We got to ride on the bobsled track down the mountain and it was insane. Joe and I were laughing the whole time because we completely loved it. After that, they have a zipline course that takes you right through the middle of a huge rain forest area. It was so so pretty and we highly recommend both.

kailee wright Sandals Montego Bay Resort Jamaica

Overall, it was really a trip I will never forget. Honestly, as much as I get so antsy about surprises, it made it that much more fun. We only got to stay 3 1/2 days which felt short, so if you are making the trip, I would definitely say try to do a few more days. You could spend every second of your trip at the resort because you’d never be bored. It is heavenly! If I missed any questions you have, let me know and I’ll add it here!




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