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Answering All Your Laser Hair Removal Questions with Form Spa

Kailee Wright Form Laser Hair Removal Questions

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If you’ve followed along here for the past couple of years, you know I’ve put a big focus on upping my skin care game. From staying out of the sun, to getting regular face treatments, I’ve been putting a lot of time into it. I’ve been working with the team at Form Med Spa since I started back in 2017, so I was beyond thrilled when some of our best friends from Joe’s Residency joined on as partners at Form. They convinced me I needed to try some of the other things Form has to offer in addition to the face treatments, and my first stop was Laser Hair Removal.

I’ve wanted to get it done for years!! But honestly I never knew who to trust. I decided to go with Form, because how amazing they have been with the rest of my treatments. And I am so excited to see the results!! When I shared about going to my first appointment, I had  A LOT of you send questions over about everything from pain level, to pricing. I had my sweet friends take the time to answer ALL of them for you so I could put them together here for you to refer back to! So here we go!

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:: How long does it last?

Electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal. But you may need touch up sessions every 6 to 12 months.

:: What Laser do you use?

The Gentle Max is the type of laser we use.

:: Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Sensitive Skin?


:: Does Laser Hair Removal work on light hair?

The hair has to have pigment (color) because that is what the laser targets. It is usually not very effective on lighter hair, and most successful on darker hair with lighter skin.

:: How many sessions do you have to do?

We usually recommend 10-12, with touch ups in months/years following as needed.

:: How much will it still grow after your 100% complete with your treatments?

Each person is different so we recommend to get touch ups every 6 to 12 months!

:: Is it painful for hours after you have it done?

No! We give you hydrocortisone cream to help calm the skin after your treatment.

:: What’s the youngest age you can do this?

Teenagers hormones are constantly changing which can effect the hair growth, so we usually recommend waiting until over 18. Although those under age 18 require the presence of a parent on the first consultation and written consent each time from a parent, the risks of laser hair removal for them are the same as for an adult.

:: What do I do if I want to get Laser Hair Removal in the summer, but I’m not supposed to go in the sun?

Wear lots of sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as you can! We can’t perform the treatment if you have been active in the sun 2 weeks prior. We highly recommend getting Laser Hair Removal Treatments done in the winter. Because we can’t perform the treatment with an active tan.

:: Why do you choose to use the snapping version versus the one that glides?

Pulsing targets the pigment more efficient and is more comfortable.

:: Is it safe to get Laser Hair Removal while pregnant?

We don’t recommend treatments while you are pregnant because skin can be hypersensitive,  but you can while breast feeding.

:: Do you have to grow out your hair?

No! If your hair is not shaved prior to treatment, all the energy will go in to burning off the hair. And not into the hair follicle itself. Which is what actually prevents the regrowth.

:: Do you have to refrain from shaving after getting it done?

We recommend waiting to shave until 3 days after your treatments.

:: How long do treatments take?

Depends on the size of the area. A Bikini are or your armpits take about five minutes. A larger area like your legs is closer to 15 minutes.

:: What is your pricing and does it depend on the area?

Extra Small Area : $40 – this includes your chin or upper lip

Small Area : $50 – this includes aerola, naval strip, fingers, sideburns, and back of neck.

Medium Area : $75 – this includes both underarms, back of neck, or your bikini area.

Large Area : $100 – this includes chest, upper legs, or lower legs

Extra Large Area : $200 – this includes full back or abdomen.

I hope this helps answer your Laser Hair Removal Questions. Right now I’ve only had my first treatments, and I can’t believe the results I’m already seeing! I think I’ve shaved my underarms maybe once in TWO weeks, and I’m noticing a lot less hair in the other areas too! I was not expecting to see changes that quickly, and can’t wait to I’m excited to share the results as I get farther along too!

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