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Our Home: Girls Room

Kailee Wright Girls Room

beds  |  gray quilts  |  pink blankets  |  white euro pillows  |  pink fuzzy pillows  |  art  |  nightstand

Today we are continuing on in our home tour with a look inside the girls room! I have been so excited to share this space with you! It  is one of my favorite rooms in the house! The giant windows bring in so much light it makes for such a happy space! I’ve shared all the details into why we went with the design, plus a great hack to save some money, and some fun details below!

Kailee Wright Girls Room

Like the rest of the home, I wanted to stick with a clean bright space in the girls room. The big windows bring in so much light, I didn’t want to take away from that with the design. I’ve always loved a clean and simple space, and didn’t want to invest a lot of money in a space I already had a design I loved. I carried pieces from the design from our old house over to this space, and freshened it up with new pillows and accessories.

We kept their old, inexpensive beds that still worked great for the space as the foundation for the room. In addition to those we used the “blank slate” the bedding gives, and spiced it up with pops of pink. I love how the art is soft but still brings a pop of color. The pink ties perfectly with the pillows and quilt. If we need a change, I can switch out pillows and a blanket and have a whole new look. So simple + a great way to save money!

Speaking of bedding, you’ll notice it is like the rest of the room, clean and simple. I didn’t want to add a lot of complicated accessories. Hayden is my most stubborn child, so I wanted making the bed to be quick and easy for her!! I also HAVE to tell you this little mom/design hack. To save a little money, for the white quilts on their beds, I actually bought a King instead of getting two twins! I just cut it in half and surged the end that I cut. It looks just like I bought two of the smaller size, but saved so much in the total cost!

I also wanted to make sure the room didn’t seem too girly or childish, since it is a space for both girls that have an age gap between them. With the age gap I wanted it to fit both of their styles and grow with them. I love that the nightstands from Rove are so functional but still add such a simple modern touch to the space, tying it all together.

Not only is this a favorite space for myself and the girls, but it has quickly become a favorite for the babies thanks to the swing.  It has been such a fun touch for the room. They love it so much and could just sit and swing in it and look out the window all day.

Kailee Wright Girls Room

jeans  |  similar top  |  headband

I think that sums up the design and all the details of the space! I love the happy bright space it turned out to be! Let me know if I missed anything you have questions on!

Kailee Wright Girls Room

 hanging swing   |  baskets  |  window shade  |  fan

Kailee Wright Girls RoomKailee Wright Girls RoomKailee Wright Girls RoomKailee Wright Girls RoomKailee Wright Girls RoomKailee Wright Girls RoomKailee Wright Girls RoomKailee Wright Girls Room

photos : aubrey taiese

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  1. Love your whole house! How big are those windows? Are the ceilings 9 feet? We’re in the middle of having our house designed and I’m worrying about the size of windows but that looks perfect!

  2. So cute!!Where do you put all the toys?!? Maybe its because we live in DC with tiny places compared to Utah but I can’t keep the toys out of sight! 🙁

  3. I like all your pillows–and I know you use pillows frequently in your decor. But, tell me, how do you do it with kids?! I have 4 kids and I feel like all throw pillows are seen exactly as that…THROW pillows. They’re always on the floor making my side feel cluttered. Suggestions?

  4. I love this room!! Totally girly, but I really like that there aren’t too many accessories or wall decorations! I’m going to save this post for when we move our girls in together–the white walls and beds make the room seem spacious!

  5. Oh wow i am in Love with this room:) it Looks so awesome and the Colours….

    Would you Show US where and How you Organised their clothes? Do they have a Wardrobe in their room?

    Best Regards from Germany 🙂

  6. I love this space! We are getting ready to move and i am wonDering… where did you Find the simplebed frame And thOse quilts? Boththe white and grey? I love the tExture on the white!!

  7. this room is inspiration for my girls room…next house will have bigger windows like this though. You inspire me to build next so I can get more of what I want! but question about your window shades…do you mind if i ask what brand? or how you got them to agree to a black casing and white shade? we are in the middle of getting quotes and no one seems to be able to do anything but the fabric of the shade on the casing or a plain white plastic casing. argh. thanks for all the bright beautiful pictures!

  8. My daughters and i are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS DESIGn. thank you! Any info on the sheets sets or the other pillows used/seen In pics?

  9. Hello, the room is beautiful! The fan and shade LInk Only take me to the website but not the eXact items. Any help?


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