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My Kids Daily Schedule

Kailee Wright Our Daily Routine

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Back in January when I asked what kind of content you wanted to see here on the blog, I got a lot of requests for kind of a peek inside our kids daily schedule. Most people hear 5 little people, and assume it’s pure insanity. It definitely has its moments of crazy, but we have kind of figured out a system that works for us. Now keep in mind I am no expert, and what works for us may not work for you. But since there was a lot of interest, today I’m taking your through a day with us!

Kailee Wright Our Daily Routine


Every school day we set the little peoples alarms for 7:30. Since we moved in to the new house, we have been using these as their alarms and LOVING it. The girls struggle to wake up in the mornings, and we usually have to set 2 alarms before they are actually up. I love that I can talk to them through the alarm from the speaker in the kitchen, instead of yelling down every 5 minutes. They have been such a game changer for us in the mornings.

Once they are awake, they start on their daily chores that I talked about here. They are pretty basic things like getting dressed + making their beds. Once those are done, we get hair done + lunches packed before breakfast. If I could give you only ONE TIP when it comes to the schedule it would be to have your people do everything before breakfast. It has made the biggest difference with their time management. Instead of eating slow, and then being in a frantic rush to get lunches packed and out the door, they know that the longer they take to get ready, the less time they’ll have for breakfast, so they work much more efficiently.

Once they are done with breakfast, they are out the door to school. I am one of those mean moms that makes them walk to school, but they have survived just fine!

Around 9:30 Harper goes down for her first nap, and it is my one on one time with Houston. Things are usually so busy around the house that I really cherish this special time with him. Lately we’ve been working on his speech, but even something as simple as being able to read a book with him has been so great for us.


Hayden gets home from Kindergarten at around 12 and we start lunch + homework. We usually try to bust out her homework packet and finish it in the first day or two of the week. She is our drama girl and we have to get it done while she is still interested!

Around 1:30-2 both of the babies go down for naps, if they are in a cooperating mood! haha…totally depends on the day recently. While they are napping Hayden finishes up any homework she still has and plays while I try to squeeze in some work for the day. One key to the babies taking naps at all when the big people are around is these sound machines. Hayden is never very quiet during their naps, but they usually sleep right through the noise thanks to these! We have used them for all of our babies and seriously never go on a trip without them!

At 4:00 our busy shift starts! 2 days a week Hayden has a tutor that comes over to help her with her reading and sight words, because we’ve found she usually works better on this + stays more focused with someone that is not me. Some days are fine and we read together, and some days are tutor days, but that is what works best for us.

At the same time Hunter + Hudson get home from school. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at least one of them has baseball or soccer practice so we usually have time to change clothes, grab a snack/snack bag,  and jump in the van. If it is an off day they will eat a little snack + do any homework they have.


5:00 is when I always try to start dinner prep. For us it is the best time that works the most often between practices and games. Sometimes we are eating as we drive from one event to the other, but at home I try to be consistent with 5:00 so my people are eating meals and not doing a ton of snacking.

Everyone helps with dinner clean up. Cleaning up after yourself + helping load the dishwasher are things everyone pitches in on. When their individual zones are clean, we start on baths/showers.

Right now Harper goes to bed for the night around 6:30-7. Usually around 7:15, we start our bed time routine. Everyone brushes teeth, lays their outfits out for the next morning and does their prayers + scriptures. This is probably the biggest struggle in our day as far as time it takes. On a good night they are all in bed by 7:45, but a bad night its closer to 8:30-9.

That about sums up the kids daily schedule. Of course this is not always consistent. It really depends on our day and what we have on our plate. Fridays are our friend days + of course weekends are full of sports and playing. For us we have found having a schedule helps my little people stay focused and know whats coming next in their day. Hopefully this was helpful to some of you out there! I’d love to hear any tips you have that make your day go a little smoother – cause we all know sharing is caring!!

xx kails

Kailee Wright Our Daily Routine

white bedding  |  pink blanket (similar)  |  pink fluffy pillow  |   beds (ikea)  |  grey sweater + jeans

Kailee Wright Our Daily RoutineKailee Wright Our Daily Routine

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  1. This year we have started making lunches before bed the night before. They make them and then stick them in the fridge. It has been an absolute game changer for us and makes the morning a ton smoother. I highly recommend it.

  2. Where is your daughter’s white bed from? I love it’s modern, clean lines – a style she won’t grow out of so quickly.

  3. I’m always interested in people’s daily schedules and I love this post but how do you fit in housework and cooking and your blog work? I seem to spend all my time doing housework and I’ve only 2 kids

    1. Hi Ali! Totally agree it is crazy trying to find time for everything. I usually wake up an hour before my kids to try and get work done, or tackle what I can during naps. It’s not easy! I’ll be sharing a post soon with more detail on my daily schedule to kind of go along with this one!

  4. What time do they have to leave the house for school? We have to leave by 8 AM and I get my kids up at 7am and you would think that is enough time but some days they are ready others they are dragging.


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