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Everything You Need To Know About Savvy Reading

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When it comes to reading, our Hayden has always struggled just a little bit. A lot of it is her desire to just sit down and do it. She can always think of more fun things to be doing. After talking with teachers, I knew she needed a little extra help, so I hired a private tutor. All was well until the newness wore off, and then she wasn’t having it. So we moved to the next option, which was Sylvan. While the price tag was a little mind blowing, we knew it was something she needed so we went for it. The same thing happened as with the tutor. I was pretty much ready to give up, when I heard about Savvy Reading. I’ll be honest, I heard the high praise, but in the back of my mind assumed it would go how everything else had.

I am happy to say, we started around Thanksgiving, and have not only not had one single complaint, but have seen so much progress! I shared about our success thus far and how much we love Savvy over on Instagram, and was bombarded with questions on everything from how it works, to price, and more. So I thought it would be helpful to get all the details laid out for you in one easy to access place!

Kailee Wright Ebay Laptops

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Savvy Reading is an online tutoring program, specifically focused on reading. Classes are taught by professional teachers, in a small (4 or less) student group, based on reading level. It was created to help kids become more confident in their reading. Savvy is great for your child if they are behind on reading, just learning to read, you are homeschooling, or even if your child just plain doesn’t like reading. Honestly it is one of those things as a mom that I wish I could tell every single person I know. It has been that life changing for us.


When you go to Savvy’s website, they have a  quick free assessment that will tell you what level your child is testing at, so they know what class to place them in. Classes are offered starting early in the morning and go in to the evening. That makes it super easy to find something that fits for your schedule. For us, we have so much going on after school that we chose 8:00. Hayden gets ready for school, hops on and does Savvy, and then head to school right after.



Like I mentioned before, classes are all done online. Class sizes are very small, with a max of 4 kids. I think they also offer a 1:1 option too. All of the kids in your class will be at the same level, with the same teacher. Classes are held Monday-Thursday for just 25 minutes. It is the perfect amount of time to learn what they need to. But not long enough where she gets bored or loses focus. On Friday you get a weekly assessment. It tells you how they are doing, what they worked on, and things you can practice together over the weekend.

While the classes are taught by professional teachers, they still make it very personal and fun.  The other day I was listening in on Hayden’s class and they were talking about a book they had read together about the American Flag. I loved that the teacher took the time to relate it back to personal experiences and asked them about their favorite 4th traditions. I know Hayden is learning and progressing so much. And I love that the environment and way classes are set up make it something she actually looks forward to!


Pricing depends on a few different things. Class size and subscription length. With code KAILEEWRIGHT you can save $25 off every month of your subscription for as long as you have it! The best part is, if you add another child to your subscription, or one “graduates” and you want to switch kids, the discount stays with your subscription.

Something I love about Savvy when it comes to scheduling is you can also pause your subscription if needed for vacation, or edit it for the summer months. You can 100% tell every detail of this program was thought out so well to really work flexibly with both you and your child in mind.

. . . 

I hope this helps answer any questions you have about Savvy. It has honestly been completely life changing for Hayden and I. If you have any other questions, they answer a ton on their website. They are also have the nicest team that will answer anything you need too!

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