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My Top 5 Favorite Makeup Storage Products

Kailee Wright master bathroom organization

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Raise your hand if you love makeup!  Because I have done hair for so many years, I’m definitely a hair product lover but that love for new products has definitely spilled over into makeup and I’ve loved it.  With a growing makeup collection and being able to accumulate tried and true products that I absolutely love, I have tried a few different makeup storage and organizational tricks that have proved super helpful in our minimalistic home.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love for everything in our home to have a place.  Makeup is no exception.  If we’re keeping it, it will have a place to go.

When beginning to organize a makeup collection, I would recommend that you begin by purging anything that you don’t use more regularly. Things like old eye makeup or cracked + broken powders.  It always helps to start with a clean slate so your organizing what you use, not any unnecessary extras.

Now for the fun part!  Organizing your products.  There are so many ways that this can be done. I’ve seen many women sort their products by area of the face (face/base, eyes, lips, cheeks). This is an awesome choice if you like to keep a lot of products.  Another option that is really effective is to decide HOW you like to apply your makeup.  Are you usually at your bathroom counter, getting ready with minimal product?  A shallow drawer organization may be best suited for you.  Maybe you are usually on the go when you apply your makeup?  I’d recommend keeping your daily products in a high quality makeup bag instead.  It really just depends on how you apply your makeup most often and making that effective and organized.

Kailee Wright Makeup organization

clear organizers + similar here


If you like to apply your makeup at your bathroom counter and you have shallow drawers at that counter, I recommend these clear drawer organizers.  They are the perfect depth and look sleek and clean.  You can use these sticky putty dots on the bottoms of your organizers to make sure that they aren’t slipping and sliding as the drawers open and close.

Kailee Wright Makeup organization

clear tote holder


This is one of my favorite bathroom organizational products so far.  I love these clear totes for everything, especially to organize morning and evening skincare products but they would also work magnificently for makeup organization and brush organization to keep your brushes open to the air.  If you have deep drawers or cabinets as your storage location for makeup, these make such an easy option to grab your tote, apply your makeup, and clean up easily.

Kailee Wright Makeup organization

bins with LIDS


I love using these little bins with clear lids for extra makeup products, back stock, and other beauty products that I don’t use daily.  The fact that they have clear lids is what makes them so great because I can easily tell what’s inside and we can stack them on top of each other for easy storage.  

Kailee Wright Makeup organization

Acrylic Clear Organizer


Makeup product packaging has become so beautiful so if you are someone who loves to keep your pretty products on display, these clear acrylic organizers are a wonderful option.  There are so many configurations that will suit your needs so I would make sure that you look at your collection and buy an organizer with a little more space than you think you need, just to be safe.


And finally, I think we all need a great makeup bag but especially if you are one who does your makeup on the go consistently!  Makeup bags have come a long ways but a few things that I think are important to consider are that your bag is solid and able to protect glass products if you use them, that it has the ability to store brushes without them getting crushed, and that it is easily washable.  


I hope you found this helpful and that you’ll tag me if you try any of these makeup organization options!


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