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Favorite Finds: Hospital Bag

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My sister had her baby last week + we’ve been talking all things baby as she prepared for the big day, and what to pack in her hospital bag came up a lot. I feel like I say this a lot, but having been through 5 deliveries + hospital stays, I consider myself pretty experienced. haha. I definitely have my go to’s, and have shared a few of them here + here. So today I thought I’d share the ultimate hospital bag + a little trick on how I got my babies to take a binkie!




granny panties :  This may come across as TMI, but it is one of my biggest tips, especially for those of you first time mamas that haven’t experienced the joys of post delivery. After you have your baby, you are given the biggest pad you’ll ever see, and some mesh undies to wear. Yes I said mesh. I cannot stand them because they are so loose! I am paranoid everything is not going to stay where it belongs, if you get what I mean. Cue the granny panties. They are big enough to hold that big ol pad, but tight so it stays right where it belongs and you don’t have to stress!

spanx + belly band :  These two are the dream team and the first thing I put in my hospital bag! In addition to bringing that added tightness for the pad, they are magic. They help so much with any back or hip pain. I also think they are the magic ingredient to getting your hips back down after delivery. I wear the duo for as long as I can during the day, and really only take them off to sleep for the first little while.

robe :  If you’ve ever had to stay in a hospital before, you know it is just about always freezing! Those little gowns they give you to wear are basically a sheet and so breezy. I always make sure to bring something warm like my robe. In addition to it being so warm, it makes nursing super easy.

socks :  This goes along with the last one. I am such a cold footed person so comfy warm socks are a must for me. Plus the thought of walking around barefoot in the hospital just kinda grosses me out. And if you’ve been around here for awhile you know I basically live in these slippers.

dry shampoo + makeup :  Having a baby means lots of visitors! While I don’t go to the extent of showering at the hospital, I do like to feel put together. Cue my go to favorites, dry shampoo + 5 minute makeup! So quick and easy, but you’ll feel more presentable for all those pictures that seem to happen.

water bottle :  After having a baby you need to drink lots of water! It helps your milk to come in faster and keeps you from getting dehydrated after such a major change in your body.



binkies :  I know this one is kind of a given. I’ve had a few friends say they could never get their babies to take a binkie, and asked if I did anything special. I have to share my mom hack! Bring some of these gas drops with you to the hospital. They are basically just sugar water. I put a tiny drop on the babies binkie, and they instantly want to suck on it, because it puts a taste in their mouth. Really I’ve done this will all my babies and it has worked like magic!! Totally a game changer!

swaddle blankets :  I’ve shared how much I love a good swaddle here before, and I like to get my babies used to being swaddled from the very beginning. Starting them early knowing that swaddle means time to sleep can be a big help down the road when you are ready to sleep train or not if you decide not to do that sort of thing. (this became a huge debate with my 4th baby)

hats/headband :  I love tiny little hats for my babies to make sure they are staying warm too. I of course have to bring a few headbands too if its a girl for pictures sake. These headbands are about the only thing harper will wear + they are super soft and will not leave a mark on your babies head.

white onesies :  In the beginning I love to use these as outfits for my babies. So tiny, clean, and simple. I also always put one of these onesies under all their outfits. It keeps them warm, and doubles as an extra barrier for those blow outs!

outfits :  I can’t resist bringing a few outfits for baby! Dressing them up for the first time is so sweet and I love having something special to take them home in. These have always been my favorite! The fabric is the softest thing ever + the it’s so stretchy to keep baby comfortable.

I hope some of these things were helpful for any of your expecting moms. I’d love if you’d share your must have items in your hospital bag too! And then I can add them to this list!! Love you all!!

xx kails

(could you just eat them both up?!)


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  1. Hi Kailee,
    I have a question about binkies…why do you think it’s so important for babies to use binkies? I was under the impression that if babies don’t use them it’s better in the long run, so they don’t get too attached and not want to give it up later on ? Which brings me to the next question…when did you start to take away the binkie?
    Thanks so much for your wisdom…so helpful!


    1. I use a binkie because it helps my kids learn to self soothe through the night, but it is definiltey a personal preference. I usually have them stop using them around 2 and don’t make a big deal about it.

    1. Hi Christina!
      Yes I just start wearing them asap, and just keep them on as long as is comfortable! Hope that helps!


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