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How Joe and I Met

So back to meeting. Our houses were really close to the school. As a result, mine was the girl hangout+ his was the guy hangout. We walked home from school together most of the days. Our group of friends did just about everything together, so we just grew really close. We are still really close with this group today and love reminiscing on old times!  We dated off and our Junior year,  and then basically didn’t talk our Senior year, because he said he couldn’t talk to me or he’d have to date me, (100% his words, haha), and he didn’t want anything serious.

After high school things started to get a bit more serious. About 6 months later Joe left to Florida to serve a two year mission for our church. You can read more about that here. While he was away I dated a ton, finished hair school + started my full time job as a hairstylist, started coaching the high school cheer team, bought my first truck and traveled a lot with my girlfriends. He came home 2 years later – 10 days before Christmas and we were married in March.

That in a nut shell is how Joe and  I met. I may not have loved that curly hair, but I fell in love with him pretty quick after and have never looked back! He is the best person I could ever ask for to go through this crazy life with!

Kailee Wright_Nordstrom Date Night

joe t-shirt  |  jeans  |  shoes  ||  top  |  jeans  |  wedges (old) – similar  |  clutch – similar  |  bracelets  |  sunnies



harper:  headband  |  shoes + here  |  dress(sold out) –  similar + here  || me:  top jeans  ||  joe shirt


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