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Let’s Talk Mascara

kailee wright best mascara combo


One of the unexpected 1st world problems with the stay at home order, is a lot of women out there suddenly not being able to keep up with their eyelash extensions! Are you one of them? I for sure am! And while I am well aware how trivial this is in the grand scheme of things, it is still something on the long list of new things we are all figuring out together! So I did a little experiment for us all and tried A LOT of new mascara and serums to find the best of the best to share here with you!

So like I said, I have had eyelash extensions for years. I think we were going on 7 years before this all happened, so I haven’t bought mascara in a LONG TIME! I was actually kind of surprised by all the new varieties and selection there was with regular, volume, waterproof, colors, serums, primers, I could go on and on! So below I’ve narrowed it down to my top mascara pick in a few categories and why I love each of them!

kailee wright best mascara combo

shine fiber mascara (code KAILEE for 10% off)  |  voluminous false fiber lashes


First up, lets talk fiber mascara. This was one of the “new to me” options since I bought mascara 7 years ago. The concept of fiber mascara is the same as the original option, but it is filled with tiny fibers that stick to your lashes to help them appear more full and longer. I tried quite a few of these and the concept just isn’t my favorite. That being said, I know a lot of people LOVE the way these look on their lashes, and out of all that I tried, there were two definite front runners. First is the Shine Fiber Mascara. It is a 2 step process, and for me gave the cleanest + fullest look to your lashes. The other option I liked was the Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. Shine wins my top vote, but I did love that the false fiber lashes is only one step, making the process easier and faster!

. . .

kailee wright best mascara combo

voluminous lash paradise + voluminous lash paradise primer


If you want to got the quick and easy amazon prime affordable route, this combo is your dream team. It is INCREDIBLE!! I had so many people recommend this mascara and they were not wrong!! It makes your lashes look amazing and is such a great price point. It is not chunky or clumpy at all and gives you such great length. I loved it so much more than even the high end brands I tried out, but the key is definitely in using the primer. It is the secret weapon that I personally think makes this mascara so great.

. . .

kailee wright best mascara combo

too faced mascara


If you are willing to go for a splurge, this mascara was my favorite of the higher end top dollar brands. It is definitely not drugstore pricing, but it was the only one I felt was worth the money. And the thousands of reviews on every site that sells it agree. I think its biggest selling point is actually the hour glass brush. It helps separate the lashes better to give them all a ton of volume and curl. I really liked this one for a splurge option.

. . .

kailee wright best mascara combo

 BabeLash Serum code Kailee20 for 20 % off  |  Grande Lash MD Serum


Ok now that we’ve talked mascaras, lets talk serum. If you’ve had lash extensions, chances are it is because you are wishing your natural lashes were fuller or longer. A lash serum will be your new best friend. This is going to come as maybe an unpopular opinion to some, but I honestly think all serums are created pretty equally if you use the regularly as directed. I’ve used a few different ones over the years and saw similar results in each. One tip I will give, is if you can help it, I recommend starting your serum a few weeks before you take your lashes off. So they have already had a chance to start growing.

My personal favorite serum is this Babe Lash.  It gave me results a little faster than any others I’ve tried, and it is quick and easy to us. You can use code KAILEE20 for 20% off! Grande Lash MD is another great option that I have heard/seen great results from.

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Now that you know my favorites I just wanted to share my go to process and what has worked for me. I start by washing my face in the morning with my Tula Cleanser (code KAILEE for 15% off)  to get off any excess makeup. I don’t use a makeup remover or anything fancier than that. Once the my face and lashes are clean, I will actually apply my serum. I know a lot of people think you can only do overnight. But this is a great option if you forget at night or just to remember a little easier. While I do the rest of my makeup routine, the serum is able to dry, until I get to my lashes which are usually last in the line up. I will then apply my primer followed by my mascara and we are good to go!

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I hope this mascara and serum round up was helpful for any of you on the hunt for some eyelash help! If you have a favorite I should try, please let me know in the comments!

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