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Setting Goals for 2021

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I can’t believe another year has already gone by! 2020 was a wild one for all of us, but I still can’t believe we are back in January! A new year usually brings new goals. People seem to have a love hate relationship with goal setting. I personally love setting goals, but with that being said, I try to keep them very simple and realistic so I am not instantly setting myself up for failure/disappointment.  I love hearing others goals, so today I’m teaming up with Walmart to share a few of mine for 2021.

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Fitness goals tend to get a bad rap lately. Losing weight and diets are often associated with the new year, but I like to take a different approach. My goal is to BE HEALTHY. For me that means maintaining what I’ve worked hard for over the last few years, and keep up my routine. Eating healthy, regular movement, and mental health as well. To add a little bit of a fun challenge to it, my girlfriend challenged me to join in on her 100 pushups in 2021 goal to, so I am going to give that a whirl! Wish me lucky!

And side note while we are talking healthy living! The other day on my dms’s I showed a little clip taking my vitamins and got so many messages asking what I take and where I get them,  so I thought it would be super helpful to link them all here since I know a lot of people are trying to get on a healthy track as well. I honestly had no idea how many options there were until I saw Walmart’s new Wellness Hub when I was ordering my weekly groceries. It is super convenient to shop all your wellness needs in a one stop shop from healthier foods through grocery pickup/delivery, to self care and vitamins!


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We were doing so well with this before Covid, and then with everyone being home, being able to separate that one on one time with each kid kind of fizzled out. I am making this a big goal this year for me because I notice such a difference in both myself and my kids attitudes and our relationship.

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Another goal we have as a family this year is to serve more together. There are so many opportunities to serve around us that we overlook because we try to make it too hard. We served at a local place that feeds the homeless before Christmas and loved it. This year we are getting things on the schedule and trying harder to make it happen monthly!

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Spending less time on my phone has been a goal for years, but i don’t feel like I have ever really accomplished it or got where I wanted to, because my phone is my job. So my assistant and I talked about it, and we really want to push it this year. We have planned a designated down time from 3-8 of no work stuff  AT ALL.  I think knowing we are on the same page and not expecting work related things during those hours will make a big difference .

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I know this one seems so simple, but it makes the biggest difference in my day. I feel like it starts me off being productive and always leads to a better day and outlook on the day!

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No matter what your goals are, I hope this helps you to remember to take some time to focus on you and plan out what you can do for a better you this year. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out Walmart’s Wellness Hub too!

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  1. Love this post!! Being more planned and prEsent Are my two goals this year. Loving your GARAGE storage track. Would you mind sharing the source? Thx!

  2. Thanks for this post. I have shared it on my own Twitter account.

    I hope, a few of my friends and family will
    pay you a visit …. not personally 🙂


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