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Teen Takeover: How I Stay Close With My Siblings

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Hey guys! It’s Hunter here with another Teen Takeover. Today I wanted to share my thoughts about being the oldest child and how I keep strong relationships with each of my siblings. Even though we don’t always get along, I really am thankful for them and know that they are the ones who will always be there for me. So, I’ve learned that it’s important to create memories with them and make the most of the couple years left I have at home with them!


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I like being the oldest, but I also don’t like it sometimes. I like being the oldest because I get to do more than the other kids, like staying out later and things like that. BUT, I’m basically a lab rat for my parents. My parents have never raised another teenager so it’s like they’re testing everything out on me. So they can be really strict and that makes me pretty mad sometimes… but overall, I like being the oldest. I guess you could say there is a “privilege” that comes with being the oldest, so I make sure I’m responsible and being a good example to my siblings.


Hudson is such good brother. We have a great relationship with each other because we are always talking and messing around with each other! But we’ve had to build trust to get there. I really trust Hudson, so I’ll tell him things and he’ll tell me things. We are really comfortable with each other so that has definitely helped us develop trust in our relationship. And I think that’s probably the most important part of any relationship.


My relationship with Hayden is really strong. We are constantly talking and telling each other our secrets. We have this thing called the “sister trust” and we’ll do our little handshake when we know we can’t tell anyone else besides each other. That has really helped us bond together as sisters. You need someone you can trust, so I’m so glad I have Hayden. The main thing about our relationship though, is that we are always laughing when we are together! We genuinely love spending time together.


Houston is honestly like my little twin! He’s my little buddy. We are always teasing and roasting each other, which always leads to laughing together! He is the funniest kid and super competitive too. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned about growing strong relationships with my siblings is to do stuff with them that they like to do. For Houston, I’ll read with him, help him with his math, and play games on the phone with him. It’s the little things!


I stay close with Harper by giving her my time. We’re about 10 years apart and she’s the youngest so there is not much we have in common, but I really try to spend quality time with her. I make sure I play games with her and not only activities, but just talk to her. Even though she’s young, I love when I have a conversation with her! She knows my friends and talks about them so that’s really fun. Our favorite thing to do is take pictures together and that’s such a simple thing to do, but it creates memories and I want her to remember me living at home.

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I am so grateful for my siblings. I love being their oldest sister and always want to be a person they can trust! Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in any of my other Teen Takeovers, I’ll link them here.

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