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Social Distancing Service Ideas

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Last week I mentioned that one of the best ways I have learned to turn our attitudes around at my house, especially my kids, is by serving others! There is just something about taking the focus off of you and your problems for a little while and focusing on others that brings such a positive light in to your day. When I shared this, I asked for any of your social distancing service ideas and you had some great ones!! So you guys can try them out too, I’ve listed them all below!

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:: Order surprise gifts/pick me ups and have them shipped directly to their house. Maybe your family’s favorite card game for friends, or your favorite lip gloss for a girlfriend!

:: Make care packages to drop off at the nursing home

:: Quick phone calls to check in with those you love!

:: Make snack bags for nurses to share with coworkers. Things like protein bars, gum, water flavor packets, m & m’s, etc.

:: Drop off bulk snacks at the hospital or clinics for medical team since they aren’t getting much of a break.

:: Drop off Mason Jars with fresh flowers and a bow around it to brighten someones day. This would be great at the nursing home too!

:: Make craft packets for low income families with children. It can be as simple as putting together a packet with coloring books, crayons, markers, play doh, anything!

:: Drop off groceries and supplies for elderly neighbors.

:: Draw or paint pictures for grandparents or elderly neighbors.

:: Call a lonely grandparent or elderly friend just to say hi.

:: Teach elderly parents and friends how to use delivery services, drive thru pickups, and grocery pick up.

:: Sign up with local hospital to drop off lunch or dinner for staff.

:: Send a postcard to loved ones.

:: Sew masks for those in need. I taught my kids to sew so they can help!

:: Good old fashioned snail mail to friends at school, teachers, family.

:: Donate food for the homeless.

:: Double up your dinner recipe and gift the extra portion to friends and neighbors.

:: Doorbell ditch your favorite treat or snack to neighbors and friends.

:: Go in with your neighbors to donate a bunch of snacks to a local clinic or hospital.

:: Make thank you signs and posters for the mailman.

:: Drop off a grocery gift card for a family in need.

:: Sidewalk chalk positive messages and love notes in front of your house or on a friend/neighbors driveway to let them know you are thinking of them.

:: Deliver mobile meals for those in need.

:: Drop off a small bag of necessities to those in need (toilet paper, flour, bread, diapers etc.)

:: Make “A Hero Lives Here” signs to stick in the yard of healthcare workers.

:: Deliver diapers/wipes/formula to your local child welfare agency!

:: Make posters to put in the windows or around a nursing home.

:: Offer to go to the store for a neighbor or elderly friend.

:: Drop off craft ideas your kids loved to their friends to try to help give mom a break.

:: Write letters to teenagers in addiction recovery facilities.

:: Deliver oranges to friends and family

:: Make cards and treats to drop off to elderly.

:: Be a donut fairy. Buy boxes of donuts and doorbell ditch them to your friends and neighbors.

:: Drop meals off to any healthcare or grocery workers you know.

:: Order cookie delivery for a friend to brighten their day

:: Doorbell ditch teachers to thank them for everything they do.

. . .

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I hope these social distancing service ideas are helpful and help you to bring some positivity and light to those around you! Service is always the best way to have a better day!!

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