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Getting to Know Our Favorite Guy Joe

Kailee Wright -joe birthday

joe tee + shorts harper headband  dresser  |  rug  |  changing pad  |  basket 

Birthday season is still going strong over here for us! We celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago with a surprise trip to Jamaica that I shared about here. This week we are celebrating our favorite guy around here, my hubby Joe! You don’t get to see a lot of him here in this space, so I thought I’d take this chance to help you get to know him a little better with an All About Joe!

Kailee Wright -joe birthday

joe tee + shorts + shoes  |  harper outfit (sold out) + headband + shoes

  • As you have all probably noticed + figured out on your own, Joe DOES NOT LIKE any form of social media. He doesn’t get the point of it and just thinks it’s not important. This is why when I do try to force him to be in my Instagram Stories, you usually get an annoyed look…maybe a hand…or just him turning around. Haha! This may have given you the idea that he is not so social…never really smiling…or even grumpy. That could not be farther from the truth. He is such an amazing guy, so caring, and is pretty much instant friends with anyone he meets. He is all about real life face to face relationships though, and just doesn’t see the need for the online connections. Which as you can guess, has made my job as an influencer interesting at times, but honestly it helps us have so much more balance because he can bring me back to real life.


  • He is SO SO laid back and a go with the flow kind of guy. Basically picture the complete opposite of me! He could care less about anything material, would wear shorts and a basic tee every day, and just doesn’t ever sweat the small stuff.


Kailee Wright -joe birthday

joe tee + shorts  |  harper headband + shoes  |  my tee + jeans + bracelet


  • Joe is by far the most caring and giving person I have ever known. So much so that sometimes I have to reel him in a little. He would give the shirt off his back to help someone. He is constantly inviting people over for dinner or volunteering us to babysit for friends and family. And he never puts himself first and is always always looking for a way to serve someone else. I think that is one of the qualities I love about him most.


  • He LOVES baseball and played his whole life. When you see him you probably get the athlete/sports vibe but he is so dang smart too. He actually got paid to go to all 4 years of college because he got 2 full ride scholarships, one for baseball and one for academics.


valentines date night all black jacket

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  • He hates pictures with a PASSION! Haha! Joe grew up in family of all boys, and his mom just never really took pictures. Pair that with my family of all girls that was constant pictures and it has taken some adjusting. I try not to force him to be in too many, and as you can see, he likes to pull the best faces when he is!
  • I’ve shared this before, but get asked so often I decided to share it here too. Joe is a Cardiac Anesthesiologist. It took LOTS of school but he loves going to work every day and helping people.

Kailee Wright -joe birthday

joe tee + shorts  |  harper headband rug  | dresser  |  flamingo

  • One of my very favorite things about him is that he is such a hands on dad. He has a very demanding job that sometimes requires 24 hour shifts. Even if he has worked a crazy shift, he will come home and let the little people climb all over him, or be out in the batting cage with Hudson, or anything he can do to just me with them and give this his time and attention.


  • Joe always knew we would have 5 kids, even though we only ever talked about having 4. He knew deep down we would have 5, but didn’t want to push me.  I would need more time to figure it out so he just waited. After we got pregnant with Harper he told me. I thought it was so funny that he knew I would just need a minute to realize it too.


Kailee Wright -joe birthday

Hopefully that helps you get to know our favorite guy a little better. He isn’t a huge presence here in this space, but I honestly don’t know what we would do without him. He is our comedian when we need it most, the calm to our crazy, and just the best guy we could ever ask for.


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