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Weekly Update

and joe and I keep telling them we are DONE!


t-shirt  |  jeans (my most FAVORITE pair ever)  |  slippers


The house is just about finished and it is really starting to feel like home. Its  been so nice to have a little break from having workers in and out of the house. Although we still need to install all of the barn doors throughout the house, and finish up the office, but I needed a break from it all to keep my sanity! I’ll be sharing detailed reveals of each space starting this next week! In the meantime I shared a bunch of the links you’ve all been asking for on Friday in my Favorite Finds post!

We are start speech for Houston Monday. We have been working really hard on practicing letter sounds + the basics. I hope that this will be the extra help he needs to start progressing a little more. Harper is officially taking multiple steps in a row and I can’t handle it. The little people love cheering her on!

We are all so excited for Valentines Day! I impressed myself and am happy to say I already have Joe’s gift! He is in charge of our date night and I can’t wait for some one on one with him! If you are looking for some gift ideas for your man, I quizzed the men in my life and shared the best here earlier this week! Also I shared my favorite out of the box ideas for women HERE! Hope your all having a wonderful Saturday.

xx kails


beanie jacket top jeans boots



sweater  |  jeans  |  slippers  ||  harper headband  |  top (similar)  |  bottoms 



top leggings similar tennies  |  sunnies



baskets towels



jacket top joggers tennies






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