5 Minute Makeup Tutorial - Kailee Wright
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5 Minute Makeup Tutorial


top jeans slippers  ||  harper headband + dress (similar)  ||  hunter sweater + jeans  ||  hayden tunic (similar) + leggings


If you’ve been around here for a little while, you’ve heard me mention my 5 Minute Makeup Routine. It is probably my biggest tip in my “Busy Mom’s Guide to Getting Ready”, so I tell every girlfriend I know that it is a must have! Something that takes 5 minutes is such a game change for me, since I rarely have the time to actually sit down + do my makeup in the morning. Plus, I always seem to have a few little girls helping me or wanting in on it all! haha.

Kailee Wright_Maskcara Makeup

top – similar + here jeans  ||  similar poufs  |  mirror similar rug


So, to give you a little background, Maskcara started back in 2015. Cara (the owner/creator of this fabulous product) is actually a good friend of mine, so she introduced me to the line way back when she first started. I will say I was hesitant in the beginning. I have never been someone that looooves makeup. I’ve never liked how it feels on my face, so as a result, I typically don’t blog about a lot makeup products. (I’m a pretty simple girl) She offered to give me a “makeover” (you can see here), using the line of products and I’ve been hooked to my 5 minute makeup ever since!

I’ve shared a few quick videos of me applying my makeup over on my Instagram Stories. In response to those clips, hundreds of you have asked me to do a tutorial here on the blog that you could come back to. I finally had the time, so I’m sharing the quick tutorial with you today!

I love the line so much, so I am actually an artist for Maskcara as well. I’d love to help any of you that are interested in trying it out! The best way to start is by sending over a makeup free picture (get those selfie skills out) to my Direct Message on Instagram so I can color match you. Ordering  is a breeze from there!

Let me know if you have any questions at all!  I also listed the colors I use below so you can refer back to them + the primer and lip gloss I used in the video here. As always thanks so much for being here!!


…My Maskcara Colors… 

  • contour colors : stone + walnut
  • highlight color : aura
  • darker blush : (top right) nude (i use this on my eyelids)
  • blush colors : baby watermelon + petal

kailee-wright-Maskcara-makeupKailee Wright-Makeup-Maskcara-21kailee-wright-Maskcara-makeupkailee-wright-Maskcara-makeup

photos : aubrey taiese

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  1. Gorgeous! I LOVE the coverage this product gave you. After both of my pregnancies I suffer from awful dark spotting on my face.. Which i am super self concious about! Like you, I am no makeup guru so the fact that took you like no time at all is very intriguing to me!!!

  2. So then do you not use a foundation or all over face color? This is very neat can you still color match? I love those blush colors (though I am a little more fair skinned)

    1. Nope, just the colors I show in the video! I’m happy to help color match. Just send me a makeup free picture on Instagram! @kailee_wright

  3. Does it provide coverage for blemishes? I have pretty good skin, but when I have a breakout I want it covered lol!

    1. I personally really like the coverage. It covers my dark spots and random pimples well, without feeling too heavy!

  4. I feel like I need foundation all over my face not just in a few spots. Is this makeup good for that? I was also wondering do you use a self tanner or are you just always that tan.?
    Thank you.

    1. I would say yes, because you are still putting it all over your face, its just a matter of the highlight and contour colors in different areas. Hopefully that makes sense. I don’t use a self tanner on my face but I do on my arms and legs occasionally. My favorite is Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse Ready to Wear Tan.

  5. What are the brushes you use? On the Maskcara site their are several different kinds and they all look similar. For just the face makeup, what do you recommend?

    1. The one I use the most is the 30 Second HAC brush. I also use the detail HAC brush for my nose and the smaller areas. Hope that helps!

  6. Can you link how to purchase? I like the colors that you use. Are they purchased individually?

    Also, how often do you get your eyelash extensions? I get a fill every 2 weeks but yours look so much longer! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It is Maskcara! I sell it if you are interested. You can send me a direct message over on Instagram and I’m happy to help you!

  7. Hello! I’ve been using Maskcara for years and it’s time to reorder. . Looking at their site, I noticed new colors but they didn’t have descriptions. I was wondering how the June color compares to Aura. Would it be between Aura and Sunlit or is it darker than it looks? Or is it more yellow based? I’m also intrigued with the Hollywood blush. Nude is my absolute favorite. How do you like it? Thanks!!

    1. Hi! So glad you love Maskcara! To answer your questions, June is darker than Aura + Sunlit. The Hollywood Blush is such a good one! I just recently got it to try and have been loving it.

  8. When did you join as an artist?! I wish you would’ve joined under me! Who did you join under? I’m on Rachel’s team, Cara’s Sister. That so awesome that you joined though!

    1. I don’t even remember when it was! Sometime last year I think, but I’m on Rachel’s team too! 🙂


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