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Most Asked Home Questions


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Friday is here again and that means it’s time for another round of Friday Finds. As I’ve shared more glimpses into the house, I’ve been getting so many questions on the details! It means so much that you love how it’s coming together as much as we do! Most of the questions have been about the same items, so I thought this week I’d round up the answers to your 10 most asked home questions in once place!

Entry Way Planters : These planters were so hard to find! I had an exact idea in my mind of what I wanted for the space, yet had the hardest time finding it. My vision was for them to make a statement, but not be too bulky, since the places I have them are more like walkways. I love how these add a modern accent to both the entry and our Master Bedroom. For those of you who have asked, they are supposed to be outside pots. When they are outside they will naturally rust, like the color you see in our entry. I actually paid someone to come + rust those. The ones in my Master have not been rusted yet, hence the difference in color.


Snake Grass : When we moved to Northern Utah, I had so many people tell me about how hard the winters are, and that it can be depressing, especially after living somewhere so sunny! Joe and I really took that into consideration when designing our plans. We tried to bring in as much light as possible. In addition to big windows, we wanted there to be plants throughout, but I knew it had to be something easy to keep alive! I already have to keep 5 little people alive! Haha! This Snake Grass is amazing. I swear it is nearly impossible to kill, with little effort on your part. I highly recommend it.

Trees : I have always loved these trees. We had one in our home in California for years. While they are fake, they have such a real look and really brighten up and bring life to any space. We love them so much we have 3 of them in the house! This tree is a cheaper option and still really great!


baby blanket  |  art work

Baskets : I love using a basket instead of your typical pot for my trees. They bring a great textured look to the space and just make things look more natural. My favorites I use are these and these. I love that they are available in sets so you can use the other sizes for holding blankets and pillows too!

Paint Color : I’ve been getting so many questions over on Instagram about our wall color. I wanted something that was bright, clean, and a great contrast with our dark hardware. We went with Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

Pillows : It should be no secret that I LOVE pillows! I have so many pillows throughout the house! They are such a fun accessory to any design and a great way to tie things together. I’ve linked some of my favorites we have below.

pink nursery pillow  |  fluffy pillow (in every room..haha! love the navy gray +pink)

White Vases : I’ve had these vases for years. I love the bright white they bring to the space. They are simple and clean and look great in any space.


Pink Planter Pots : It’s no secret I love the color pink. I love incorporating little pops of it throughout our home. These pots are such a light shade that they really go with everything.


white pot from ikea  |  mirror


pink planter  

Nursery Rug : This rug! How I ever questioned it when we first moved in blows my mind. I love the texture it brings to Harper’s room, while still keeping the look clean and simple.


  rug  |  side table (on sale)  |  pillow  |  rocking chair

Baby Chairs : We absolutely love these baby chairs, and I think they might be my number one asked about item the last month! They are easy to attach and super sturdy. I love that we don’t have to clean a whole huge chair + tray. The best part is the babies get to be right in the action with everyone else and they LOVE it!

Hopefully this update helps answer some of your most asked home questions! If you have more I missed, leave them here in the comments, or comment on my Instagram post and I’ll be sure to answer them for you soon!

xx kails

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photos : aubrey taiese

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  1. Beautiful! Can you tell me where you got your exact planters? The site you send us to only has a brown/copper color. I love your gray metal planters. Thanks you

  2. Thank you for sharing! I am just curious as to what size of planter boxes you bought? (It looks like you have two side-by-side?) Thank you!

  3. I’m surprised more people haven’t asked about the baby crib so I guess I’ll be the one- where’s that beaut from?

  4. I love the style you choose for your house, I haven’t seen anything really like it and love how fresh it feels. Thanks for sharing all the sources, you’re Home is beautiful and I’m sure you’ll make tons of memories

  5. First I love your home!!! Second I love the tile floors, can you please share the deets for the floors?

  6. Kailee- can you tell me which dimensions of the planter you purchased – you have 2 side by side in your master correct?

  7. Love the planters!! How do you keep the water from draining all over your floors when you water the plants?


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