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What’s in My Amazon Cart

Kailee Wright Amazon Cart

harper similar dress + here cardigan leggings headband  |  boots  || my top (similar) jeans   booties  |  jacket  |  hat  |  houston jacket  |  jeans  |  shoes

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m alllll about the online shopping. As a busy mom, anything that saves me time is a win in my book! Of course one of my most visited websites is an obvious for a lot of us, the amazing AMAZON! Seriously if it is not on Amazon, is it even worth having?! Haha! Besides ordering diapers, batteries, or the more boring purchases, I’ve found some awesome things I’m loving on there too! I always love hearing what my girlfriends find on amazon, especially because it’s almost always a great deal, so I thought it would be fun every month or so to share what’s in my amazon cart!

Kailee Wright Ebay Kitchen appliances

my top + jeans  ||  blender  |  mixer


If you follow along on Instagram, you know we’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I’ve been trying to make healthier choices for myself and my family, so we’ve been experimenting on lots of fun new recipes! (stay tuned, I’m sharing some favorites next week!) I’m all about convenience in the kitchen so I’m loving a few gadgets right now!

Blender : I’ve shared how obsessed I am with my morning protein shake, and this little gadget makes it so quick and easy! Not sure how I lived without it for so long!!

Mixer : I love spending time with my little people and in the kitchen is one of my favorite places! I love seeing their creativity and excitement to help bake up some cookies or cupcakes. I love that with this mixer I don’t have to worry about a giant mess like with letting them use a hand mixer.

Instant Pot: Where has this been all my life? This right here is a busy mom’s best friend. I love that I don’t have to plan hours and hours ahead like with a slow cooker, but I still get the convenience of a one pot meal.

Kailee Wright Kickee Pants

my top + jeans  ||  harper jammies + headband  ||  cribbedding (use code KAILEE for 20% off) pink pillow  |  stripe pillow rug

Is it just me, or does everything look good on a chubby little baby body?! These baby finds are no exception!!

Kickee Pants: I know I know, I’ve shared 1000 times, but you guys, I cannot get enough. I mean look at that baby belly in their cute stretchy jams? I love how incredibly soft these are. You know they are a win when my babies find them in their drawers and bring them to me to put on them!

Baby Bling: Wondering what the headband bows are that you always see on Harper? These are them and I obviously can’t get enough. They are soft on her head unlike the skinny band options and I swear they come in every color imaginable.

Counter High Chair: If you could only see how many direct messages I get every time I show the tiniest glimpse of this chair over on Instagram. Don’t worry I’m just as obsessed with it as all of you and am happy to share! We have had it for years and love it! It is so easy to clean both the seat and under it since you aren’t lifting a giant chair out of the way. And the babies love being right up in the action!

Kailee Wright Nordstrom Sale best shoes

similar tank  |  leggings + similar  |  shoes hat


The last few months I’ve really been trying to put a focus on my health and feeling stronger/healthier. Along with finding better eating habits, I’ve taken on working out and have been loving how I feel! But everyone knows a good workout needs a good outfit, so I had to share some favorite Amazon finds!

Shoes : These are on repeat and not just for workouts. They are the comfiest shoes on the planet, and go so well with just about everything. Plus who doesn’t love that classic black and white?

Hat : I love a good hat that is both functional but of course cute. Working out means more sweaty hair days, so I’m about the hat look! I am loving all the cute hat options, especially this one and this one!

Leggings : I may or may not end up wearing these all day because they are just that comfortable, but at least I worked out in the too right?! That’s gotta count for something! And you cannot beat this price!!

Kailee Wright Away suitcase

harper outfit + cardigan + bow  ||  my sweater + jeans + similar slides


Tops : While Amazon is widely known for all the gadgets, electronics and gear you can get, they aren’t as known for their fashion, but they should be!! I’ve found so many cute tops for great deals. I’m loving this one for fall. This cardigan would be perfect for layering, and I even found one of my favorite zip up hoodies.

Slides : I’ve been wearing these slides on repeat because they are so amazing. I was bummed when they sold out so fast, until I found this pair that is almost identical!

Tanning Lotion : For those of you who aren’t quite ready to commit to the tanning machine I’m obsessed with, I’ve found a solution. My friend Leanne recommended this lotion and I’m actually loving it. It doesn’t smell and it works so well. I don’t love how it stays on your hands, but I think that is fixable if yuo wash right after.

That’s it for this month, but stay tuned! I promise to share all my favorite finds + steals here on a more regular basis. But I wanna know…what is your favorite thing to snag from Amazon?!

photos : aubrey taiese 


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  1. I feel like all i’m ever buying from amazon laTely is baby stuff and birthday presents. Hoping someday soon that Momma stArts taking some action for herself!

  2. I got the cutest sam edElman leOpard calf hair platform shoes for 50 bucks! I got so many compliments on them abd my hubby was thrilled with how cheap they were!


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