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Pampers vs Honest

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Diaper

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When it comes to diapers, you could say I’m a seasoned veteran. With 5 little people in tow, I don’t think there is a brand out there I haven’t tried. There were different things I loved about each. Honest always has so many adorable patterns for both boys and girls. Target’s Up + Up are an amazing price point. Pampers are so dang soft and you cannot get better than their Swaddlers for your tiny newborns. So when Pampers reached out about representing their new line, and told me how much of a game changer it was, I was excited!

Now lets back track to that phone call. I’ll be honest, at the time, I wasn’t completely sold on Pampers yet, but I decided to go into the phone call anyway and be completely honest with them. I told them every little thing I didn’t like and allll my picky mom thoughts + opinions and figured they would never call back! Haha! A few days later they did call me back and offered to fly me out to Cincinnati to prove how good their new Pampers Pure Collection really is.

You guys, I was BLOWN AWAY. If the buttery soft touch and adorable patterns wasn’t enough to get my attention, the thoughtful ingredients that go into each diaper with your babes sensitive skin in mid was. And then they did a test to show the difference between Honest Co. Diapers + the new Pampers Pure Collection and I was floored at the difference.

I’ve had so many of you ask why I made the switch and what did it for me, and this test is it! It’s so crazy impressive that I had to show you a well in this little video clip below.

Isn’t that incredible? If your babies are anything like mine, they pee a lot at night, and the Honest diapers we had loved for looks, just weren’t cutting it in functionality, and now I could see why! So to go along with this visual, I wanted to give you a little pros and cons list on both!

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Diaper

harper diaper + headband  |  my top (sold out) similar here + here  |   jeans  |  necklace + necklace


  • PROS :
    – Such ADORABLE patterns for BOTH genders. I honestly love just about every single one and love that there are no cheesy cartoon characters.
  • CONS :
    – Said adorable patterns always show through baby girl dresses and lighter clothing.
    – They do not hold through the night. We constantly have leaks, which wake up your baby. And nobody wants to wake a sleeping baby.


Kailee Wright Pampers Pure Diaper


  • PROS :
    – So dang soft. Like they have got to be so cozy for your little babes bum.
    – They hold SO much. We haven’t had a leaked through diaper since.
    – Cute patterns that are subtle…so they are cute when your baby is just wearing a diaper, but don’t show through clothes when you want them hidden.
  • CONS :
    – Not enough pattern variety, but they’ve promised more fun ones are coming soon!

I don’t know about you, but as a mom, I don’t want to compromise on getting the best for my little people, and that includes diapers. Knowing I can have such high quality diapers, with a trusted leak protection makes the choice a no brainer for me!

Kailee Wright Pampers Pure DiaperKailee Wright Pampers Pure Diaper

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photos : aubrey taiese 

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  1. Oh yay!!! Good to hear because THESE are all I registered for since they seem to be the most Eco friendly And functional at the same time. How are the wipes? I tried the water wipes to just test out BEfore baby come but I struggled so hard with getting them out of the package and they’re super thin, which I feel like it won’t protect your hands as well. Lol I haven’t tried the Pampers ones yet.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this review of the honest vs Pampers pure. It was extremely helpful. I’ve read so many reviews on amazon, but without seeing it it’s hard to Believe aS everyone has personal taste. ❤️

  3. I keep seeing these reviews and it made me switch back to pampers pure. However, the overnight test for me has pampers leaking most nights! We don’t use the new Honest overnights, just the regular ones and have switched back. only with pampers have we seen the chemical beads on my baby’s skin in the morning along with the leaks. It’s the baby test.


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