Your Survival Guide to Family Pictures - Kailee Wright
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Your Survival Guide to Family Pictures

Kailee Wright Family Pictures Tips that will save you

hunter’s dress + shoes  |  hayden’s dress  hudson’s similar top + jeans  |  joe’s top + jeans  |  houston’s top + jeans + shoes  |  harper’s romper (sold out)  |  my dress + hat + bracelets

Fall is making its way into the air here in Northern Utah. Fall screams cozy sweaters, pumpkin patches, and for a lot of us, the dreaded Family Pictures!!! Haha! I think just about everyone can agree that family pictures bring out allll the emotions. Whether it is the stress of outfit planning, the toddler (or husband) tantrum, or even feeling a little sentimental, they are full of emotions and can be a challenge, especially with a lot of people to coordinate! I force my family to get them every single year, so I’d like to think I’m becoming a bit of a pro on at least a few things you can do to ease the stress level! So today I’ve put together a list of my biggest tips to hopefully help  your family pictures go a little smoother!

kailee wright behind the scenes family pictures

hunter’s top + skirt  |  hudson’s similar top + pants  |  houston’s top + similar jacket + pants  |  joe’s top + tie + pants + shoes  |  harpers similar romper + shoes  |  my dress  | 
hayden’s similar romper
+ shoes


If I could shout this one from the rooftops I would! It is so so important. Mom’s aren’t really known for dying to be in the picture with our little people. But you guys, we need to be part of the memories too! By picking your outfit first, you will guarantee that you feel confident + comfortable. When you feel good about yourself you’ll love your pictures more!! Trust me on this one.


joe’s top + jeans + shoes  |  harper similar top + headband + leggings + shoes  |  hayden’s top + jeans  |  my similar top + jeans  |  houston’s similar top + pants  |  hunter’s similar top + skirt  |  hudson’s similar top + similar pants


If I’m being honest, all of our last-minute pictures where I’ve had to throw random outfits together that necessarily don’t match perfectly always end up the best. Figure out a main color palette, and then focus more on everyone being comfortable instead!

kailee wright behind the scenes family pictures


Timing can be the difference between smooth sailing and a total melt down! Try to do a time when you know your baby or toddler will be happy. Like right after nap time, or dinner. I think this helps the mom’s stress level a million times. Also, make sure your people are all fed and not hungry because that makes a huge difference with their moods. Gosh, I even get hangry sometimes!

*TIP: give them time…and take their mind off of the actual pictures. Like ask them to pick their nose and trust me you’ll get a smile!


my similar dress  |  girls dresses


If there is a shot you have in mind that you have to have, do it very first. Usually for us, it is the full family shot. Get the must haves out of the way in the first 5 minutes. You never know when someone is going to lose it so get what you want most first!!

20171001-Kailee Wright-Rack Room shoes booties 2


I see absolutely nothing wrong with bribes for family pictures!! I usually have skittles or gold fish for the kids in Joe’s pocket and will pop one in the kids mouth here and there when they are listening. AND, tell your kids they can get a reward like ice cream or a night at the park if  they will listen to the photographer without a fuss. It always helps and we really go and do it afterwards, because who doesn’t need ice-cream after all of this craziness!

Kailee Wright gift guide

joe’s top + shorts hunter’s top + similar pants  |  marley’s scarf  |  houston’s similar top + jeans | hayden’s similar jumpsuit  |  my jumpsuit  |  harper’s headband  |  hudson top + jeans


A lot of our stress comes from getting that perfect shot and having all of them turn out just so. But the more family pictures I’ve done, the more I realize my favorites are hands down always the unplanned candid shots. Let them have fun and let loose yourself too! The little personality quirks they have are what you always want to remember anyway. Natural happiness is always going to be the images you end up wanting to blow up huge!

Wright Family_Laguna Beach 2017-5

. . .

Hopefully these tips and tricks are helpful when your family pictures roll around! Remember, like the video shows, it is never perfect smooth sailing for everyone. Just be your natural self, try to roll with the punches, and I promise the moments you want to pull your hair out will probably turn into your favorite raw real pictures!!

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